Academics at WJ

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Walsh Jesuit’s academic excellence reflects a Jesuit emphasis on scholastic achievement. WJ offers a dynamic blend of required and elective courses, presented by faculty members who will engage students to their full potential. The Walsh Jesuit classroom sets an ample foundation for lifelong learning. 

Walsh Jesuit operates on the semester system. The school day is from 8:00 a.m. - 2:40 p.m.. Classes meet for 40 minutes each day. Students are required to take a minimum of six major courses and complete at least 85 hours of volunteer service to graduate.

Walsh Jesuit, in keeping with the Jesuit values on education and cura personalis, has developed a Policy for Students with Documented Learning Differences and Special Needs. To learn more, please refer to the Academic Adjustments page.

HONORS Courses

Walsh Jesuit offers many Honors Courses. The pace of these courses is faster & the curriculum is more in-depth. Enrollment is through academic performance, placement exams, interviews & teacher recommendations. The multiplier to determine weighted GPA in Honors Courses is +.25.

College Credit COURSES

Walsh Jesuit offers college level courses through the AP Program, Saint Louis University’s 1818 Advanced College Credit Program, the Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute, and the State of Ohio's College Credit Plus ("CCP") Program. Enrollment in all college level courses is through academic performance, testing & teacher recommendations. All students enrolled in AP courses are required to take the College Board AP final exam.

Dual Credit

Walsh Jesuit has partnered with Saint Louis University's 1818 Advanced College Credit Program so that students can earn both high school and college credits.  1818 eligible classes are taught here at Walsh Jesuit by Walsh Jesuit faculty members approved as university adjunct instructors.  Credits earned by students who take such classes are accepted at many colleges and universities.  

Learn more about the dual credit opportunity in the 2022-2023 Program of Studies (page 5).

Grading Scale

% Range
Grade Point
A+ 100, 99, 98 4.3 4.55 4.8
A 97, 96, 95 4.0 4.25 4.5
A- 94, 93 3.7 3.95 4.2
B+ 92, 91, 90 3.3 3.55 3.8
B 89, 88, 87 3.0 3.25 3.5
B- 86, 85 2.7 2.95 3.2
C+ 84, 83, 82 2.3 2.55 2.8
C 81, 80, 79 2.0 2.25 2.5
C- 78, 77 1.7 1.95 2.2
D+ 76, 75 1.3 1.3 1.3
D 74, 73, 72 1.0 1.0 1.0
D- 71, 70 0.7 0.7 0.7
F 69-0 0.0 0.7 0.0

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  • Grading, Honors & Academic Probation

    Students are evaluated quarterly with the letter grades: A, B, C, D, (+/-) & F. Grade Point Averages are computed on a 4.0 scale. A system of weighted grades provides additional  credit to students in AP courses. Honor Roll Acheivements are awarded on the semester final grades. First Honors is a 3.75, and Second Honors is a 3.30 average.

    A student whose semester GPA is 1.6 or below is required to meet with the Assistant Principal, placed on academic probation, and advised that their GPA must be above 1.6 for the subsequent semester in order to continue at Walsh Jesuit. Any student who concludes a school year with a cumulative average of 1.6 or below will be required to withdraw.
  • Homework & AIM

    Teachers may encourage a student to attend AIM, which provides after-school tutoring for students at risk of failing. An average of one-half hour per night for each subject is expected of every student in preparation for the next day’s classes. The study periods in the daily schedule should not be sufficient to fulfill home study requirements.
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