College Offerings on Campus: 2023 – 2024

Walsh Jesuit offers its students the opportunity to take college level courses in order to earn dual high school and college credit, while remaining on our campus. Our robust college programming offers over 30 college-level course opportunities through partnerships with Saint Louis University, Creighton University, Advanced Placement (AP®), and College Credit Plus (CCP). Students interested in pursuing any of these opportunities should speak with their school counselor.

Advanced Placement (AP®)

Advanced Placement courses are classes that offer high school students’ college-level curricula approved by the College Examination Education Board. In May of each year, Walsh Jesuit students enrolled in an AP® course take a subject specific exam prepared and scored by the College Board. Universities may elect to award college credit and/or placement in higher level courses to students who have achieved a specific level of proficiency on AP® exams. All students enrolled in AP® courses must take the AP® exam in the spring, with exceptions only in rare circumstances. Parents will be billed by the school for the exam fee (approximately $95) during Semester 2. In considering AP®, students should understand that these classes are college level courses with commensurate workload and independent study. School policy limits students to a maximum of 3 AP® courses each semester. Students may petition the Assistant Principal for Academics for permission to take additional AP® courses during a given year.

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  • AP® Course Offerings at WJ

    AP® Biology 
    AP® Calculus AB 
    AP® Calculus BC 
    AP® Chemistry 
    AP® English Language &   
    AP® English Literature &  
    AP® Environmental Science 
    AP® Physics 1 
    AP® Physics C: Mechanics 
    AP® Spanish Language & 
    AP® Statistics
    AP® US Government & Politics 
    AP® United States History
    AP® World History

College Credit Plus (CCP)

CCP is a program under which any high school student may enroll at a college and complete nonsectarian and non-remedial courses for high school and college credit in the state of Ohio. However, not all colleges and universities honor CCP credits. Enrollment information for this program is provided to students early in the second semester. Students should see their school counselors for information. Please note, non-public students are not guaranteed funding for these courses through CCP. A student must receive approval from their counselor before enrolling in a CCP course. CCP credits will appear on the WJ transcript, and the grade will be calculated into the student’s grade point average.

CCP Courses in Partnership with Notre Dame College

Notre Dame College Course  Walsh Jesuit Equivalent Course
AR 101: Drawing 1 (3 cr.) Drawing 2
EN 100: College Composition 1 (3 cr.) Rhetoric and Composition 1
EN 101: College Composition 2 (3 cr.) Rhetoric and Composition 2
SP 102A: Basic Spanish II (4 cr.) Spanish 4

Dual Credit: Saint Louis University or Creighton University

Saint Louis University 1818 Advanced College Credit Program (1818 ACC)

Students have the opportunity to earn dual credit through Saint Louis University’s 1818 Advanced College Credit (ACC) Program. Students at Walsh Jesuit can earn both high school and college credits by taking courses at Walsh Jesuit that are approved for college credit by Saint Louis University (SLU). As a result, credits earned by Walsh Jesuit students who take such classes are accepted at many colleges and universities. More information about SLU’s 1818 Advanced College Credit Program can be found at: 

All 1818 ACC-eligible classes are taught at Walsh Jesuit by Walsh Jesuit faculty members approved as university adjunct instructors. 1818 ACC-eligible courses are determined on an annual basis by Walsh Jesuit and SLU.  Due to the possibility that the catalog of 1818 ACC-eligible courses may change between course selection and the beginning of the school year, students should not select courses solely on the assumption that they will be offered as dual credit. If a course is offered as dual credit, students may register for SLU credit by the September deadline. The registration process will be distributed to students and parents at the beginning of the academic year. Students may take 1818 ACC-eligible courses for high school credit only or for dual credit. 

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  • Saint Louis Advanced Courses

    Saint Louis University Course
    Walsh Jesuit Equivalent Course
    MATH 1510: Calculus I (4 cr.)AP® Calculus AB
    ENGL 1900: Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research (3 cr.)AP® English Language and Composition
    HIST 1600: History of the U.S. to 1865 (3 cr.)AP® US Government and Politics
    SPAN 1020: Communicating in Spanish II (Semester 1) (3 cr.)

    SPAN 2010: Intermediate Spanish Language & Culture (Semester 2) (3 cr.)
    AP® Spanish Language and Culture
    SPAN 1010: Communicating in Spanish 1 (3 cr.)Honors Spanish 3
    FREN 1010: Communicating in French 1 (3 cr.)Honors French 3
    FREN 1020: Communicating in French II (Semester 1) (3 cr.)

    FREN 2010: Intermediate French Language & Culture (Semester 2) (3 cr.)
    Honors French 4

Creighton University

Students can earn dual credit from Creighton University through a partnership with the Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute (AVLI). Creighton is a premier Jesuit university based in Omaha, Nebraska.  As a result, credits earned by Walsh Jesuit students who take such classes are accepted at many colleges and universities.  Students are eligible to receive 3 hours of college credit for select AVLI courses while also earning high school credit for the course.  

To qualify, students enroll in the course and pay the traditional course fee.  Students will then be provided the option of applying for credit for an additional fee paid to the University.  Students interested in pursuing courses through AVLI / Creighton University should speak with their school counselor and can visit for additional information.
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