International Opportunities

The Ignatian Scholars Program

Rising Seniors (summer before their senior year) have an opportunity to follow in the steps of St. Ignatius Loyola with faculty and students from other Jesuit schools. The Ignatian Scholars Program provides a contemporary pilgrimage experience through Spain, France, and Italy in conjunction with an online course (June to mid-August).  Students who complete this program will fulfill one of the senior Theology electives.  The cost of this program is not included in tuition.

For more information, please contact Theology Department Chairperson, Mr. Dan Bizga.

Vatican Studies

Students going into their junior or senior year have the opportunity to experience an academic immersion trip that dives into the world and culture of the 1st century Christian communities, Renaissance and Reformation Christianity, Vatican II, and the papacy of Pope Francis.  The Vatican Studies Program has four distinct dimensions:
  • An online course component, May to mid-August
  • An orientation day at Saint Ignatius High School in June
  • The two-week travel program to Assisi, Rome, Monte Cassino, and Sorrento, Italy
  • Completion of a post-trip portfolio project
Students who complete this program will fulfill one of the senior Theology electives in Church History.  Cost of this trip is not included in tuition.

For additional information, please contact Mr. Adam Green in the Theology department.

Latin Italy Trip

Students at the Latin III level, going into Latin IV (summer before being a Senior), have an opportunity to immerse themselves into the culture of Italy, in particular, Rome. This trip does not require any additional coursework as it is not tied to any academic credit.  Rather, the Latin Italy trip is an educational, immersive, and fun extension of the students' Latin classes.  The trip includes much of the culture studied in the Latin classes, with visits to the ancient sites like the Forum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and a host of other smaller less visited sites. We also visit the churches and museums of Rome, from St. Peter’s Basilica to the Ignatian churches of San Ignazio and Gesu. Florence and a couple medieval towns are also a part of the trip.
The cost of this trip is not included in tuition. Any questions about the Latin Italy trip should be directed to Latin teacher, Mr. Jim Storad.
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