Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Diversity Strategic Objectives

Create a comprehensive program of diversity and inclusion that enriches the following components of the Walsh Jesuit experience:

Faith & Service Student/Faculty/Staff Achievement & Success
Admission & Retention Leadership Development
Campus Climate Nondiscrimination
Curriculum & Instruction External and Community Relations
Intergroup Relations & Discourse Strategic Planning & Accountability

Facilities & Property Strategic Objectives

Develop a comprehensive five-year plan for the enhancement of the Walsh Jesuit campus that will complement mission, academic, and extracurricular programs.

Academic Excellence Strategic Objectives

  1. Review and upgrade the Walsh Jesuit curriculum to enhance Intellectual Competence.
  2. Enhance the curriculum through study and implementation of best programs in career exploration and non-traditional educational programming such as school-within-a-school.  
  3. Develop an overall strategy for the continued use of academic technology ranging from programs taught to applications used, including the Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute (formerly known as the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy).
  4. Increase collaboration among all academic departments with increased time and resources.

Finance & Operations Strategic Objectives

  1. Increase the percent of demonstrated financial need met by 2% (approximately $50,000) in 2016-17 and then analyze financial metrics to determine increase for each of the next four years.  
  2. Establish an Endowment Committee that will help steward its financial resources.

Ignatian Identity Strategic Objectives

  1. Develop a comprehensive Ignatian retreat program for all full-time employees with 10 or more years of experience.
  2. Develop an Ignatian formation program for all third and fourth year staff members to augment the first and second year programs.
  3. Develop and offer an Ignatian Coaching Formation Program to all coaches that is in concert with The Expectations of a Walsh Jesuit Coach document.
  4. Develop programming and encourage Board formation so that each member makes an Ignatian retreat (such as SPA) before or during the Board member's term of service.  
  5. Design a systematic Vocation Promotion Program for all students.
  6. Emphasize the Grad-at-Grad philosophy being discussed in all academic departments and other facets of the school.
  7. Increase parent participation through a variety of Ignatian formation activities with a goal of 25% of the parents participating.

Community Wellness Strategic Objectives

Promote cura personalis by fostering the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellness of its students for their own growth and development as "men and women for others".  This will include:
  • A cohesive effort to improve student life, from intramural programming to deans' office initiatives with campus administers and counselors.
  • The education of students, parents, and the community about the risks and consequences of the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  • The encouragement for students to live in accordance with the laws of our city, state, and nation concerning the use of these substances.  This includes establishment and enforcement of related school rules for all students.
  • The guidance for students and families toward help as needed for chemical dependency and support them in these efforts.
Concurrent programming will be offered for Walsh Jesuit adults in similar, age-appropriate practices.
The Walsh Jesuit High School Strategic Planning Process was supported by a wide range of stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, Board, alumni, current and past parents, and neighbors.  

Our deepest appreciation goes out to all who assisted with this important process that was led by Board Member Stacy Brovitz '77.

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As a Christ-centered community, we strive to be Men and Women for and with Others.