In keeping with Jesuit values on education and cura personalis, Walsh Jesuit High School provides an inclusive environment for all learners and equitable access to our curriculum and programming.  Walsh Jesuit is committed to providing support to qualified students with disabilities or diagnosed learning differences, including temporary conditions. However, some adjustments may not be applicable due to personnel and/or program limitations.

Adjustments and Support



To be eligible for an Academic Adjustment Plan at Walsh Jesuit High School, students with specific learning differences must be evaluated and diagnosed PRIOR to acceptance.  Documentation needed at the time of registration (or before) are:  
  • A current evaluation by a medical professional (within 3 years) 
  • A current copy of the student’s IEP, 504 Plan, ISP or other academic service plan 
  • A completed questionnaire by the student’s support team 
  • An Academic Adjustment Plan Inquiry form 
Once documentation is provided, our learning specialist will conduct a thorough examination in addition to dialogue with the student and their support team.  The presence of a learning disability does not automatically guarantee academic accommodations. Walsh Jesuit will carefully review all relevant information related to the request for accommodation to determine if the learning disability has a significant impact in a student’s performance. If a determination is made to support learning accommodations, Walsh Jesuit will create an Academic Adjustment Plan (AAP) that will specify the adjustments to match the individual needs for the student.   A meeting will be held, and the AAP will be shared with the parent, student, classroom teachers, Academic Support team and the school counselor. 

In the classroom, teachers will implement and abide by adjustments determined by the review process. Teachers may provide additional adjustments on a case-by-case basis; however, they are not expected or required to provide adjustments beyond those identified in the review process.

Additional Academic Support

In addition to a student’s Academic Adjustment Plan, Walsh Jesuit High School has a team designed to help support teachers and students with the development and execution of strategies and resources to maximize academic success in the classroom setting.

Available Academic Support Resources Include:

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Medication & Treatment

Medication: The school nurse must be notified if a student is taking medication on a regular basis. Any misuse or distribution of prescription medication will subject a student to immediate dismissal from Walsh Jesuit.

In-Patient Treatment: Walsh Jesuit cooperates fully with professional treatment personnel to provide support to a student returning to school after in-patient treatment. To facilitate a smooth transition back to the school setting, the following must take place before the student returns:
    1. The parent/guardian/student must sign a release of information waiver for information pertinent to the student’s ability to function in the school setting.
    2. The professional who has worked with the student must contact the school nurse.
    3. The parent/guardian and returning student must meet with an administrator and counselor to work out details regarding the student’s return to school. In some circumstances a determination may be made that a student should begin a new educational program, and when this is the case, Walsh Jesuit will assist in this transition.

Beyond WJ

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  • Requisite for Seeking Adjustments for ACT / College Board:

    Students seeking adjustments for ACT or College Board standardized testing (AP, PSAT, SAT and Subject Exams) should contact Walsh Jesuit's Learning Specialist. Specific guidelines and procedures for each company are also available on their websites.
  • Private Evaluations

    Additional costs associated with a private professional or external evaluation, including related services to such evaluations, are not covered by Walsh Jesuit's Academic Support resources.

Learning Specialist

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