The Francis Xavier, S.J. Scholarship is available to students from ethnically diverse backgrounds who meet specific criteria. Applications are due January 30. Xavier scholarship awards are renewable for each of the four years at Walsh Jesuit and will be contingent upon a student’s acceptable behavior, grades and service. This program of excellence was designed to offer students a Jesuit education and leadership opportunities so that they too can light the world on fire through their faith and service.

In order for your application to be considered, the following items need to be completed:

  • Completion of this online registration by January 30, 2020
  • Character reference letter (counselor, coach, minister) from a non relative who can speak to the student's personality, work ethic, leadership, faith, religious perspective, and commitment to social justice.** 
  • Personal Essay (pick one of the following prompts) Not to exceed one page (typed) “What is the most important aspect of diversity to you?” OR “If you could change one thing in the world about diversity, what would it be? OR "What does equity and inclusion mean to you?"
  • Acceptance to Walsh Jesuit
**The character reference letter and the personal essay are to be attached and forwarded in the same email to Kaneshia Crenshaw ( no later than January 30, 2020.
street, city, zip code
Demonstrated Commitment to Service
Service Reflection
Additional demonstrated commitment to service (if applicable)