For the 2017-18 school year, Walsh Jesuit provided in excess of $1.85 million dollars in tuition assistance to approximately 35% of our students.

2017-2018 TUITION

For the 2017-18 school year, tuition will be $11,850 and there will be a general fee of $425.
The Walsh Jesuit Board of Trustees has evaluated and calculated the tuition amount for the 2017-18 school year.  For the 2017-18 school year, tuition will be $11,850 and there will be a general fee of $425.

Tuition assistance awards are grants, and therefore, do not require any type of re-payment. Tuition assistance grants are neither academic nor athletic scholarships.  They are true reductions based solely on true financial need.   

In order to ensure that a Walsh Jesuit education remains a possibility for students from a wide spectrum of economic backgrounds, our school's Tuition Assistance Program attempts to provide a Walsh Jesuit education to every deserving student, regardless of circumstance. The funds from the Tuition Assistance Program are generated by the school's endowment fund and donations restricted to financial aid by the benefactor. Tuition assistance is awarded based solely on need and not for academic or athletic achievement.

The Tuition Assistance Committee, comprised of administrators and guidance staff, determine tuition assistance grants based on the evaluation of financial need provided by FAIR (Financial Aid Independent Review). FAIR is a nationally recognized leader in financial need evaluation services for private schools. FAIR will process the financial aid applications and provide an objective evaluation of each family's financial need.  There are no income limits to applying for assistance. Each family's unique financial situation is considered when assessing need.

To begin the on-line application process, parents should go to and click on the "On-line Application" link. You can then create a user account using your email address and a password that you select. Once you have created a user account and signed in, you will be able to complete the FAIR application on-line.

If you do not have access to a computer, please contact the Business Office to obtain an application form, instructions, and mailing envelope.

Note: In the case of a divorced family, Walsh Jesuit requires both divorced parents to complete an application or provide court documentation stating one parent has no financial responsibility and no custodial rights. The school will not consider tuition assistance for a student until both parent's applications are complete. If you have remarried you will need to complete the application and include information about the stepparent's income, expenses, assets, and debt.

If you have questions about the tuition assistance process or how to apply, please contact:
Mr. Rob Eubank '85
Director of Admissions
330.929.4205, ext 103.
Between November 1, 2017 and November 30, 2017 you may apply for financial assistance for your incoming freshman (Class of 2022) through Fair, an independent financial aid review.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • FAIR
    To learn more about the independent financial aid assessor, fair (Financial Aid Independent Review, Inc.), and the required documents needed to submit your financial aid application, click above.  There is no fee to apply for Tuition Assistance consideration. 

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  • Tuition Payment Options

    Walsh Jesuit continues to offer alternatives for paying tuition with several payment options which have no fees. All tuition payment plans will be administered by FACTS Tuition Management Systems (FACTS). All families are REQUIRED to enroll in a payment plan option with FACTS. If you are a returning family you already have a FACTS account, if you are an incoming family after your registration has been processed, an email invite will be sent for you to enroll in a FACTS account. If you already have a FACTS account from a grade school that account can be used, just use that login information when you receive the email invite.
    FACTS offers several different payment plan options, below is a listing of the different plans:
    • 1-payment – due July 20th,
    • 2-payments – due July 20th and December 20th
    • 4-payments – due July 20th, October 20th, January 20th, and April 20th,
    • 10-payments – due July 20th to April 20th,
    • 12-payments – due June 20th to May 20th, (Note that payments begin in JUNE)
    For all payment options, you may elect automatic payment from a checking or savings account (ACH), check or money order through the mail, and credit card payments with MasterCard.   VISA is not currently an option for credit card processing;  credit card payments have a processing fee of 2.5% added to each transaction. 
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  • Tuition Payment Policy

    The 2017-2018 Walsh Jesuit Student Handbook states the following:
    1. Students must be up-to-date with tuition and all outstanding payments or fees by the first day of each semester.
    2. Students in grades 9, 10, or 11 will not be permitted to attend classes, participate in school activities, ride school buses, receive their grades or transcripts, or be permitted to begin a new school semester until all prior financial obligations are met.
    3. Seniors will not be permitted to attend classes, participate in school activities, ride school buses, receive their grades or transcript, begin a new school semester, or participate in the Commencement ceremony until all prior financial obligations are met. Diplomas will be held until all balances are paid.
    4. New students will not be enrolled at Walsh Jesuit if their family has a past due balance for another sibling.
    5. There will be no exceptions to the above policy except: A student who withdraws from school due to a family move more than 50 miles away from Walsh Jesuit will be refunded their tuition for the portion of the school year after their withdrawal.