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College exploration begins during freshman year with career inventories and group activities and discussions.  During sophomore year, all students take the PSAT (Pre-SAT) and the Pre-ACT college practice test.  Students review their scores with their guidance counselor to judge their interests and to anticipate where their strengths lie.  "The Sophomore Peek at the College Process" will be held February 22, 2017 at 6:30PM and is open to all sophomore families (parents + students) but will be most helpful for first time families (your oldest child).  College Guidance will facilitate a discussion/conversation about the “BIG SIX,” and the role these factors play in the college search and application process.  
The college search process begins in earnest in the Spring of the sophomore year in February.  Students will meet with their guidance counselor to review college search information, refine college lists, and to create their extracurricular resume.

During junior year, students also take the PSAT (Pre-SAT) a second time to qualify for National Merit Scholarships and for continued college preparation.  All junior parents are invited to attend a college planning session where they are introduced to the college application and admission process.  These sessions take place on Friday mornings during the school year.  Students are strongly encouraged to begin visiting schools and narrowing their college search during their junior year.
The counseling staff and the Director of College Guidance work together to organize and coordinate all parts of the application process, including teacher and counselor recommendations. 

College Counseling Timeline

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  • Senior Year - Fall

    Seniors: finish your activity resume in your Family Connection/Naviance accounts.
    It is wise to demonstrate interest before you apply to a college/university. Finish College Visits - Seniors are encouraged to visit schools when you are not expected at school. The afternoon of September 2, all day October 19, October 28 and December 9 are good days, so you do not miss classes.
    Listen to morning announcements for visits from college representatives (all parents are very welcome to attend).
    Complete NCAA registration if you intend to play Division I or Division II sports.
    College Application Managers
    Many colleges and universities require applicants to set up an Application Management account on their website. For many colleges/universities this will be your only form of formal communication.
    College Application Managers are used to let applicants know they are missing documents. This is rarely accurate information, so do not panic! Some schools use the manager to send your decision letters (accept, deny, waitlist, deferred) and financial aid awards. This past year colleges/universities closed these accounts when no further action was detected.
    All senior families are required to keep copies of All decision and scholarship letters (accept, deny, defer, waitlist). They all must be turned in before you can graduate. Make copies quickly upon receipt of the letter, this past year colleges closed these accounts when no further action was detected.
    Submit FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1st (Earlier than ever!) This MUST BE COMPLETED in order for your student to qualify for any federally funded financial aid and some scholarships/grants. You will use your 2015 tax information.
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  • Junior Year - Summer

    Approximately 600 colleges and universities are members of the Common Application. It is a Walsh Jesuit policy that if the school where you are applying is a Common Application member, the student must use the Common Application version. They may not use the version available on the school’s website.
    Complete the NCAA process.
    Work on Common Application essays. Consider taking a Walsh Jesuit College Essay workshop over the summer, dates announced on the WJ website January 2017.
    Attend a Common Application completion workshop August 2017.
  • Junior Year - Fall

    Juniors keep your grades up. Maintaining the same cumulative GPA is good as well. Junior-year grades are extremely important!
    Attend a college fair. The first college fair in our area is on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, 6:00 p.m. at St. Vincent St. Mary High School. Additional local area fairs will be announced in College Guidance News and Information.
    Complete official college visits over fall, winter and spring breaks and establish a relationship with the college admissions representative assigned to recruit at Walsh Jesuit.
    Approximately 50 colleges and universities make appointments to visit Walsh Jesuit each fall. All parents in any grade are welcome to attend any of the college visits. Please see the Walsh Jesuit School Calendar for specific schools, dates and times.
    Families can use the College Guidance Scheduler to arrange a Junior Family College Advising Appointment. Appointments will begin January, 2017 and conclude June 30, 2017 for the Junior Class.
    Parents should use the College Guidance Scheduler to attend one of ten Friday, Junior Parent
    Meetings. These meetings are especially helpful for first time parents.
    When Juniors register for the SAT or ACT exams, the price you pay includes the option to send your test scores to four schools. It is wise to use these four slots, as Walsh Jesuit does not provide ACT or SAT test scores.
    Consider taking the State and District official ACT at Walsh Jesuit Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at Walsh Jesuit. Registration details can be found on the Walsh Jesuit website on the College Guidance page in the fall.
    Student athletes hoping to be recruited by a college division 1 & 2 must complete the NCAA registration paperwork. Student athletes should review their transcript, test scores and grades with their school counselor to confirm they will "clear" the NCAA requirements.
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  • Junior Year - Spring

    Some schools require 2-3 SAT subject tests to complete the application. If you are taking AP U.S. History, Honors Math Analysis or AP Calculus 1, and AP Physics 1 consider taking SAT Subject Test May or June 2017.
    Collect samples of your best writing. Some colleges, especially test optional schools, may ask for copies of graded papers.
    Spring create an extracurricular resume in Family Connection with your guidance counselor. You will need a resume for the teacher recommendation process in May 2017.
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  • Sophomore Year

    Sophomores will take the PSAT and the Pre-ACT at Walsh Jesuit.  College Guidance will host its annual "Sophomore Peek" to all sophomore parents and families to discuss the "BIG SIX" and the role these factors play in the college search and application process. 

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