Walsh Jesuit High School Freshman, Chase Ratkovich received the KI Points Champion honor from the National Champion Karate Institute of America.

Ratkovich competed in the KI Points Karate Tournaments throughout 2018 along with 193 Competitors from Twinsburg, Cleveland and Munson Ohio. Each competitor receives points based on their place within their respective division. They compete in weapons forms, empty hand forms and sparring. The Karate Institute recognizes students at the National Weekend during an awards banquet. In each division, the top three are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals.

One student is declared the Points Champion of the year based on their total point accumulation for the year. Ratkovich not only took the gold medal in his division, but he was also honored of being the 2018 KI Points Champion. Chase was awarded the KI Points Champion Jacket by Grandmaster Eugene Madry.

"I am honored to receive this award. It means so much to me. I can help other students prepare for tournaments and show them what can be accomplished by practicing and striving to do their best," said Ratkovich.

The Karate Institute is martial arts organization consisting of schools in Ohio and Michigan. Each year, The Karate Institute of America conducts five martial arts tournaments. The purpose of the tournaments is to challenge students to improve and to allow students to test their training and improvement against other students.
During the tournaments, students are encouraged to compete in three different categories; kata, sparring, and weapons kata, with points given to students for their performance. The points are totaled after each tournament and students are ranked. At the end of the year, the student with the most points for winning or placing in each division is awarded the National Champion Karate Institute of America Jacket. The jacket is personalized with the student's name as the Points Champion. There is only one jacket awarded each year.

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