Walsh Jesuit Receives Grant

Walsh Jesuit High School received a $1,970 grant from GAR Foundation for Bring Back the Monarch II project, to continue developing a butterfly garden on campus.
Building on the school’s Educator Initiative Grant from two years ago (Bring Back the Monarch!), a group of students (Team Monarch) and science teachers will expand and enhance Walsh Jesuit’s existing Monarch Butterfly Garden. This garden will be used to breed, feed and serve as a resting station for Monarch butterflies and other pollinators. With GAR funding, Team Monarch will expand the current garden with additional plants and will release additional butterflies. Students in all biology and environment sciences courses will participate in these hands-on learning experiences. Students will learn the environmental impacts they have on their surroundings, habitat safety, how to advance a species and migration patterns.

GAR Foundation announced $350,000 in funding to 35 teams of educators through its annual Educator Initiative Grant (EIG) program. The EIG program offers grants to teams of K-12 educators in Summit County’s public and private schools who present classroom innovations that will drive student success.

“We saw an influx of requests around social-emotional learning, entrepreneurship, and experiential learning,” said Kirstin Toth, senior vice president of GAR Foundation. “We’re thrilled to support a variety of innovative projects throughout Summit County that prepare students for college and career.”

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