"The Science Collaborative" - Summer's Project

In the summer of 2018 the school renovated its 54 year old cafeteria that resulted in a better flow of traffic, smarter food station positioning and the ability to offer more healthy food options to our students.
This summer Walsh Jesuit will embark on its newest renovation project with the focus being to improve the science facilities and to bring another part of the school into the 21st century, specifically by redesigning the Computer Lab.  The current Computer Lab will be remodeled in order to incorporate a robotics area. Twenty-four computers will be repositioned to line the north and south walls while placing robotics in the center. The redesign intentionally promotes a more collaborative, hands on environment for both the students and the teachers.

Once complete, the Computer Lab will accommodate the following:
• Robotics course and club
• Computer lab for the digital arts
• Concussion testing
• Circuitry course
• Sign up for use by other departments

Room 207, across from the Computer Lab, will also be renovated to create additional collaborative working spaces where faculty across sub-disciplines of the science department can collaborate, where students can work on a project together, and where faculty can meet with students.

If you would like to be a part of this transformative project click here to see how you can donate.  The Science Collaborative project will be part of this year's POWWOW live auction.

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