Cleveland, Ohio

". . . my group & I really focused on meeting people that lived in the Ohio City area. We ate at St. Herman's for lunch and dinner, volunteered at St. Malachi's back door kitchen & Catholic Worker. St. Herman's is a food shelter that feeds those who need breakfast, lunch & dinner.
My chaperones wanted us to really immerse ourselves into our community and had us eat and interact with the homeless. For me, it was challenging at first, because I truly had to go out of my comfort zone.

This immersion experience challenged me in my social relationships, but also helped me to grow in my social relations in a positive way. I am now more open to meeting new people and interacting with people I normally would not.

I was able to find God and strengthen my relationship with him when I met Kelly at St. Herman's. Kelly showed me how God works in mysterious ways. She told me how she travelled up to Cleveland from North Carolina. Kelly shared with me her past, and how she was addicted to heroin after getting into a car accident. She moved to Cleveland in order to get a fresh start. Kelly showed me how God has a plan for everyone that is bigger and better than any one of us can imagine. 

 - Pamela Lewis '17
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