Bethlehem Farm, West Virginia

On my first immersion experience to Bethlehem Farm, I found myself wanting to leave after the first twenty-four hours. I found myself really second guessing whether I should be there or not.
I finally realized that this is a once in a lifetime experience, and I need to take advantage of it. By my second morning of waking up on the farm, I found myself appreciating and loving the smell and the wonderful view I woke up to.

Bethlehem Farm is a farm on top of a hill surrounded by other hills in the Appalachian Mountains. Every morning I would wake up with the sight of fog and a gorgeous sunrise. Besides the beautiful view I woke up to, I was able to help the surrounding communities and families around Bethlehem Farm; I worked on two roofs and met incredible people.

On the first roof I worked on, I met the homeowner whose name is Susan. Susan has the biggest smile and most positive attitude. I was able to talk to her when my group first arrived, and she shared some of her story with me. She told me how the house she was living in was her mother's, and how her mother's last wish was for Susan to live in her home.

Through meeting Susan, I could find God. She showed me how God is genuine and kind. She showed me how God works through activities I take part in. After my Bethlehem Farm immersion, I felt more comfortable talking to God and reflecting on my days. My immersion experience at Bethlehem Farm opened my eyes to how being open to new experiences is helpful in learning more about God and others.

- Pamela Lewis '17
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