The new religious order was approved by Pope Paul III in 1540 and was called the Society of Jesus. Today, the Society of Jesus is the Catholic Church’s largest religious order, with more than 20,000 members (Jesuits) worldwide.

Although not originally founded to operate schools, the Jesuits responded to numerous requests for places of learning and observed that educating young men enabled them to make a more generous response in the service of God and fellow man. Thus, the Jesuits came to value education as an effective way to advance the Kingdom of God and became the first religious order in the Catholic Church to engage in education as a major ministry.

The early years of Jesuit education led in 1599 to the establishment of a plan of studies, the Ratio Studiorum, which shaped a network of Jesuit schools, colleges, and universities that today serves more than 1.5 million students worldwide.

St. Ignatius knew that education involved more than a simple memorization of what is familiar. Under the guidance of his or her teachers, a student must be broadened by new ideas. And the end of Jesuit education is to produce graduates committed to fostering a society in balance with God’s intentions for humanity.

The Jesuit motto of Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam means “For the Greater Glory of God” and reflects Walsh Jesuit’s heritage. Often abbreviated as AMDG, the phrase reflects a Jesuit school’s desire to better serve God and God’s purposes by leading students to see not only their own dignity but the dignity of all humans.

Come join us at Walsh Jesuit High School, where we strive to do all things AMDG!

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