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  • Updates During COVID-19 Shutdown

    The Walsh Jesuit building is closed through the remainder of this school year. All instruction has moved online.
    Please continue to check your email for updates as soon as they are available. Stay safe, stay blessed & as always, GO WARRIORS.
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    • Updates from WJ

      Week 1 Update (3/19) - WJ President, Mr. Karl Ertle

      Happy Feast of St. Joseph! We miss you. We love you. We are so grateful for all that you continue to do. The current plan: POSTPONE. More news to come soon, but we are working diligently to keep as many things intact as possible, while also ensuring the health of the WJ Family.


Dear Walsh Jesuit Community:
In these unprecedented times, I cannot thank you all enough for the many ways that our community has grown even closer. I want to offer a brief update and reflection in light of our always-guiding principles, the five characteristics of the Grad at Grad. 
Open to Growth
As we face the COVID-19 challenges to our world, may we look to the guidance of the medical experts and governmental leaders. Meanwhile, we ourselves also conceive ways that we can think outside the box to care for each other - especially the most vulnerable and alone. As the WJ community hunkers down in 1,000 different homes, think of how we can impact our neighbors and those in need, as we act as Women and Men For and With Others.
Intellectually Competent
Fr. Mark Carr called it, "the multiplication of the loaves and fishes," as our faculty came together over three days to learn from each other how to best deliver academic lessons via online learning. As I told our team when were together, the remote learning simply cannot be the same as if we were together. However, it can be eye-opening, it can stretch minds, and it can maintain continuous learning. And it will! 
Jesuit education helps students to realize that their talents are gifts to be developed for the good of the human community.  While we are limited to physical contact or interaction with others during this time, might the students find constructive ways to use the technology at their finger tips and use their gifts virtually, in service to others, out of a love for God. 
Where would we be without faith? We will not gather together for Mass, nor for the Examen, nor for theology classes nor Labre, but we will be watching video Mass, praying the emailed Examen, and reading and talking about the many principles of Christianity involved during a time of crisis. God will connect us and infuse us with love and hope in the midst of fear and challenge, as God always does.
Committed to Justice
I have committed, on behalf of our Board, to keep paying our faculty and staff for all their hard work during this time. We will also do all that we can to assist families who may struggle in the weeks to come. We will continue to read, research, and ready our WJ family for what may come of this. We have an extremely talented community, and with God's help, we can see the goodness in what is to come as we temporarily separate physically now in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. 
Blessings to you and your family, good health to all, and may we all consider our work for the Greater Glory... as we aim to stop this viral spread, so we may all be together again soon.

God Bless,
Karl Ertle
As a Christ-centered community, we strive to be Men and Women for and with Others.