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  • Academic Counseling

    In the area of academic counseling, the first function is to assist students in
    making decisions that affect their education and to implement programs that will enable
    them to reach their full potential at while attending Walsh Jesuit.  The goal is carried out
    by providing students at all levels with appropriate academic advising to supply them
    with the college and career information necessary for effective decision-making, and to
    provide counseling as it relates to school performance. Counselors offer academic
    counseling that deals with the student’s practical needs: study skills, student/teacher
    relationships, course selection, peer relationships, career information, testing, and
    college selection.
  • Personal Counseling

    The second function of the counseling department is to support the student in his or her
    understanding how to deal with issues and problems in a healthy and productive way
    and to provide personal counseling on a short-term basis to enhance a student’s
    knowledge and acceptance of self.   The department can provide referrals for students
    and families to outside counseling agencies if the need for more lengthy or specialized
    services arises.

    Maintaining confidentiality of the relations with the students at Walsh Jesuit is an
    important obligation of school counselors  Our high school counselors are obliged not to
    disclose information that a student has shared within the context of the counseling
    relationship, unless such disclosures are necessary to protect the student from posing a
    serious threat to himself or to others.

Department Resources

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  • Career Exploration

    Medicine? Law? Engineering? Architecture? Art? Not sure what you want to major in? You're not alone. Choosing a career is a journey. At Walsh Jesuit we want to help students explore the many options available to them.

    • Freshmen, while involved in small counseling groups, will be exposed to the many career opportunities available to them through Holland's Self-Directed Search.
    • Sophomores will take the Strong Interest Inventory during the second semester.
    • Juniors will review the Strong Interest Inventory with their counselor and also use a career component of the ACT registration process.
    • Seniors explore careers by participating in Walsh Jesuit's three-week shadowing program called Senior Experience.
  • College Links

    ACT - Register for the ACT, test preparation, college planning, etc.

    Common Application - 500 schools accept the Common Application, register online, etc.

    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - Online application including registering for your PIN, school codes, etc.

    Peterson's Planner - Products for college search & selection, test preparation, financial aid, etc.

    Princeton Review - Standardized test preparation services, supplemental education services, etc.

    SAT - Register and prepare for the SAT, etc.

    SAT Subject Tests - Measures knowledge/skills in a particular subject, test dates & fees, register online, test preparation, etc.

    Study Guide ZONE (ACT) - Free ACT study guide featuring test information, practice questions, etc.

    Study Guide Zone (SAT) - Free SAT study guide featuring practice questions, test-taking tips, and test date information, etc.
    Test Optional - List of Colleges and Universities that do not require SAT/ACT results
  • Extracurricular Resume

    The extracurricular resume provides colleges with a list of activities performed outside of the classroom setting. The activities listed should include involvement in your parish, community, summer athletic programs, and/or part-time employment, etc. Only include activities where you have significant involvement.

    Students should use the Naviance/Family Connection website to create their personal resume. This will be used to complete college applications and for recommendation purposes. 

    Click here to be redirected to the Naviance/Family Connection website.
  • Naviance

    View the Naviance website here.
  • NCAA Eligibility Center

    View the NCAA Eligibity Center website here.
  • Selective Services

    View teh Selective Services website here.
  • Self-Help

    The years spent in high school can be among the most memorable in a person's life.  Sometimes though, you may need to talk with someone other than your normal support system of family and friends.  You may also just wish to find additional information to help you make a decision.  The links below can help you navigate through those times.

    Friends Helping Friends Pamphlet Series:
    Additional Internet Information:
    24-Hour Hotlines:
    • Akron Child Guidance Center (child and adolescent suicide/crisis)

    • Alcoholics Anonymous

    • Child Abuse Hotline

    • Poison Control Center

    • Safe Landing Shelter (Summit County)
      Boys - 330.253.7632
      Girls - 330.784.7200

    • Support (suicide/crisis)

    • YWCA rape and sexual assault services
      330.434.7273 or 1.800.433.7273
  • Standardized Testing

    Please Note:  Walsh Jesuit does NOT provide ACT and SAT test scores with the official transcript.

    Click here to compare your ACT and SAT scores. 

    Click here for a list of Colleges and Universities not requiring ACT and SAT scores.

    Standardized Tests (ACT and SAT)

    Register through the ACT or SAT websites. Juniors currently in Geometry/Trigonometry are "encouraged" to wait at least until February 7,, 2015, for the ACT test and January 24, 2015, for the SAT..

    National ACT Exam Dates*Walsh Jesuit is a test location.                           




    Click here to register for the ACT. Remember to list Walsh Jesuit's code (361-773) when registering for the ACT. The College Guidance Office will not receive your scores if you fail to list the school code. 
    Click here to send your ACT scores.

    National SAT Exam Dates*Walsh Jesuit is a test location.




  • Summer College Programs

    College Guidance will publish all the scholarships we receive from the local area several weeks before their deadline. Students should follow the 4 steps listed below when completing a scholarship application. Many summer program opportunities pertain to rising juniors and seniors.
    1. Student obtains a copy of the scholarship application from College Guidance. We have assigned each scholarship a number for you to reference.
    2. Complete a transcript request form. College Guidance will provide an official transcript, sealed in an envelope, within 24 hours.
    3. If the application requires a recommendation, one of your teacher recommendations may be used.
    4. Student completes application and is responsible to email or mail it before the deadline. 

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