College Exploration

College exploration begins during the Freshman year with the selection of courses, taking personality and career inventories, small group activities and discussions. The Freshman year concludes with a parent college guidance orientation program.

Walsh Jesuit administers 4 practice exams to students, 2 Pre-ACT grades 9 & 10 and 2 PSAT grades 10 & 11 in preparation for the official exams. Students will review their scores with a college counselor to determine their testing strengths, weakness, and review prep options.

The Sophomore Peek at the College Process is the first formal gathering and will be held February 4, 2020 at 6:30 PM and is open to all Sophomore parents. College Guidance will facilitate a discussion and conversation about the “Big Six,” and the role these factors play in the college search, application and acceptance process. Families are strongly encouraged to begin visiting schools and narrowing their college search during the summer between grades 10 & 11.

Every Junior has a one-on-one College Guidance meeting. The meeting involves reviewing their practice test scores, go over college search software, refine their college lists and to create their extracurricular and leadership resume. All Junior parents are invited to attend a college planning session where they are introduced to testing requirements, application completion procedures, information about setting a college visit, financial aid and scholarship information. These sessions are held monthly, 4 in the daytime and 2 in the evening.

The counseling staff and college guidance staff work together to organize and coordinate all parts of the application process, including recommendations.

Meet College Guidance

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