The Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute

Walsh Jesuit participates in a consortium with other Jesuit schools that offer on-line courses taught by faculty members from other Jesuit high schools from around the country (AVLI is formerly known as JVLA - Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy).

There are a variety of courses offered from technology to Advanced Placement.  The cost for the courses offered is minimal.  These courses are intended to be courses taken for enrichment and not in place of any of the courses offered through the Walsh Jesuit curriculum with the exceptions being, 'Financial Literacy,' a required course for the Seniors, and 'Growing Up Healthy' a Health Course that can be taken during the summer.  Upon completion, the student receives a grade that becomes part of their permanent transcript and credit for passing the class.    

The purpose of AVLI's student coursework is twofold:
1) strengthen member Jesuit and Catholic schools by providing flexible, cost-effective student courses and programming to complement schools’ existing instructional programs, and 2) provide students quality learning experiences that help them mature as thoughtful, independent learners.

Would you like to see your child take an additional course over the summer or take an on-line course during the school year to improve their transcript and GPA? Would they like to take a course that really interests them or they have a passion for, but is not offered through the Walsh Jesuit curriculum or during the school year?  An AVLI Course just might be the answer. 

When students begin the scheduling process with their counselors by requesting courses for the next school year, this is the perfect time to discuss with their counselor.  After speaking with their counselor, students may obtain the registration form in the Principal's Office or by downloading it from this page.  All completed registration forms and payment should be brought to the Principal's Office.  Again, the course credit and grade will be applied to your child's transcript.