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Warrior Artwork Contest

Walsh Jesuit High School is soliciting concepts for new Warrior artwork to replace the Native American imagery previously used. All members of our extended Warrior family are invited to participate. The winner of the competition will receive a $500 cash prize. All other participants will receive a gift displaying the new artwork.
Entries may be submitted in digital form, as a simple marker or pencil sketch, or even as a written description. And there are no limits to how many designs one person may submit.  
The Walsh Jesuit Warrior fights for what’s right. The final design will serve as a motivating emblem of Christian love, resolve and action. Ideally, it also should inspire a desire to perform mightily and accomplish big feats. It should instill a sense of pride, community and team, confidence (with humility) and fun!
Being a Walsh Jesuit Warrior means fighting for peace and social justice with courage and empathy. It means loving, growing, and leading as Saint Ignatius of Loyola taught us. It means defending truth without hesitation. Being a warrior requires going above and beyond … overcoming opposition and adversity … to live our faith, excel in our scholarly pursuits, and humbly serve our communities. It demands we act – as men and women for and with others – to champion positive change in the world.
Artwork submissions need not incorporate words, but the final image ultimately will be placed with typography (“Walsh Jesuit Warriors,” “Walsh Jesuit,” and “Warriors”) in some applications. Entrants may want to demonstrate how this can be achieved with their designs.   
Because the school already uses logos as expressions of our identity, the WJ Warrior artwork will primarily be used for athletic and other “team” applications. It will be placed in and around building, on Booster and other letterhead, on website, league publications, state competitions, etc. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that the Warrior conceit also is tied closely to Jesuit tradition, Catholic faith, superior academics, leadership, and student/alumni character.  
Please submit entries to margheretd@walshjesuit.org by midnight on April 11, 2021.
Our selection committee – comprised of alumni, faculty and professional designers – will thoughtfully consider all entrees. Then, we will hand over the winning concept to a professional logo designer for finetuning.
Look for the final design soon on team uniforms, spirit gear and even on the new gym floor!
Tips for Success:

  • Be original. No part of the logo should be bought or borrowed from somewhere else.
  • Use the Walsh Jesuit color scheme (maroon & gold).
  • Keep it simple and timeless.
Please note the designer of the winning entry may be asked to give Walsh Jesuit High School permission to use their name, photography, videography and quotes for promotional purposes without further compensation.
As a Christ-centered community, we strive to be Men and Women for and with Others.