Performing Arts at Walsh Jesuit High School

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  • Freshman Choir

    The Freshman Choir exists to give new students the opportunity to learn the art of singing together with other singers, to learn good singing technique, some basic choral-related music theory, and to experience the beauty of making music.
    The Freshman Choir performs in public, doing a variety of music and the music of Christmas. The focus is on the art and technique of choral singing using traditional choral music literature, including different musical styles ranging from popular to classical to jazz, folk and beyond.
  • Jazz Band

    The Walsh Jesuit High School Jazz Ensemble is a group of talented musicians selected through an annual audition process. Under the direction of Mr. David Banks, this credited class learns about jazz performance concepts and plays an entertaining range of classic jazz and big band mixed with current hits and modern classics. The group performs at the Winter & Spring Band Concerts and the Reaching for the Stars Gala and Student Showcase. It also travels off-site as a Walsh Jesuit High School ambassador to elementary schools and other venues throughout the region.
  • String Orchestra

    The Walsh Jesuit High School String Orchestra is a unique facet of the performing arts program. Including strings from viola to cello to bass, this group allows students to continue their work on strings, while offering the opportunity to hear the different voices combined as a whole. The String Orchestra participates in a variety of events, including the Winter & Spring Band Concerts, the Akron Tree Festival and WJHS Baccalaureate Mass to name a few.
  • Harmony Gold Show Choir

    The harmony Gold Show Choir features the best singers and dancers in the school. This Varsity level, auditioned group performs themed shows at competitions in the Midwest, schools, and takes performance trips to exciting places like Disneyworld, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

    Moderator: Dave Banks -
  • CenterStage Theatre

    We are inviting EVERYONE to come see the CenterStage Theatre’s production of "Hello Dolly," March 13 - 24.  
  • Chamber Choir

    The Chamber Choir provides vocal music for all Masses and other spiritual services and events throughout the school year. In addition, to liturgical music, the Chamber Choir is a competitive choral group, performing at OMEA Solo & Ensemble contests and National Festival competitions.
    While the main focus is on the classic, competitive choral music literature, the Chamber Choir also performs concerts featuring secular music and the music of Christmas. Experience is assumed, so membership in Chamber Choir does require an audition
    Moderator: Vince Matia
  • Madrigal Choir

    A subset of the Chamber Choir, this audition-only small group specializes in acapella singing, with a repertoire of traditional madrigals, sacred music of the Renaissance, Christmas carols, as well as folk, pop and jazz tunes. They perform in the same venues as the Chamber Choir, including OMEA Solo & Ensemble and National Festival settings. They often are asked to perform for special events where a small strolling group is needed and specific material is requested.      
  • Concert Band

    The Walsh Jesuit Concert Band meets as a class each day. Admission to Concert Band is achieved by participation in an elementary school or middle school band program and by signing up for the Concert Band Class. Students participating in the class earn one full academic credit each year.  The Concert Band typically performs three times each year.
  • Warrior Corps Marching Band/Colorguard

    These groups provide the musical performances and musical support for various athletic events and school activities, and represent the school in community events throughout the year. Any current band member is eligible or you may audition in May.

    Moderator: Dave Banks –

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