Prayer Requests

One of the greatest gifts we can give is through special intentions for one another in prayer.

Let us support one another through the strength that comes from praying with one another and for one another.  If you have a special intention or prayer request, prayers for the sick, needs in the world, the Church, or prayers that are more close to home, we encourage you to complete the form below.  In respect for your privacy you do not need to provide details when submitting your intention.

Further below the request form is a list of special intentions and prayers.  As you scroll through, please keep these prayer requests in your daily prayer.

Prayer for Generosity

Lord, teach me to be generous.
Teach me to serve you as you deserve;
to give and not to count the cost,
to fight and not to heed the wounds,
to toil and not to seek for rest,
to labor and not to ask for reward,
save that of knowing that I do your will.

Let us pray. . .

List of 75 items.

  • For a successful surgery

    for English teacher, Catherine Marquard - that this procedure will provide a good indication of the healing of her intestines.  
  • For a Walsh Jesuit Mom

    for healing and a full recovery from several surgeries over the summer.
  • For Brian Hoaglin '96

    Who is recovering from a serious injury.

    in our families. May the Holy Spirit open our hearts for better understanding, healing, and restoration of peace & harmony in our families. Amen.
  • For my son Clark

    for his salvation and protection.
  • For Taryn

    Lord, please fill her me with Your life, love and presence. Please surround her with Your peace that she may see her worthiness in Your eyes.
  • For the healing of Catherine Marquard

    For her continued healing and progression towards good health. 
  • For the repose of souls of

    Sr. Josepha, Sr. Celine, Sr. Beatrice, Sr. Gemma, Fr. Olivio, Fr. Antonio, Fr. Romulo, Fr. Saldanha, Fr. Sergio, Ms. Victoria Conceisao, Mr. Aleixo Silva, Ms. Sucorinha Gomes, Ms. Lilia Conceisao, Ms. Leonora Correia, Mr. Peter Correia and Mr. Joseph Conceisao
  • For strength to deal with a challenging boss

    That the Lord gives our department peace, understanding and patience. That the right changes occur and for God to push me in the direction he wants me to take.
  • For those who are trying to better themselves

    That change will come from within and be rooted in your love Lord Jesus Christ.
  • For Jean Carna and Family

    Jean passed away Friday May 20, 2022. Lord please welcome Jean into your heavenly kingdom . Grant her eternal rest and may your light shine on her face. Please wrap your loving arms around all those who love her so dearly especially her daughter Susan who was a dutiful, loving, and giving daughter. Please help her to feel her mother's presence in the days ahead. May she find comfort in all the precious memories they shared. May you guide this mourning family by faith and not by sight.
    For this we pray: 
    “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.” – John 14:3
  • For Nicholas McGuiness

    For Nicholas and his recovery from a very serious head operation. Please pray for confidence as he faces the challenges from the operation. 
  • For Patrick McGuiness

    who is suffering from a serious illness. Let him feel God's presence at this time.
  • For Howard Some

    who is undergoing treatment for MS
  • For Michelle Holmes Best Friend's Family

    as they cope with the death of a family member only 49 years young
  • For the father of Maureen Pentz

    who is battling cancer
  • For My Sister-in-Law Christine Rossetti

    That she makes a full recovery and feels God's healing presence at this time. That Glenn makes a full recovery, and that she feels God's healing presence at this time.
  • For My Mother and Father

    For my mother who is recovering from a severe illness. My Father who needs strength and peace while my mom recovers. Prayers for myself for strength while I take care of both of them.
  • For Robert E. Wise

    May you grant him eternal rest O’Lord 
    To the family :
    May you guide them in faith not by sight
    May his memory be eternal 
  • For Glenwood C. Witsaman Jr.

    Glenwood C Witsaman Jr. passed away peacefully at the age of 91 on February 18. He was a longtime and loyal Warrior supporter. He had been very actively involved in the booster club and just about any other needs the school had for many years. Besides being my father, he was also the Uncle of James Nelson (Class of 1975). Please pray for him and for our Warrior family at what is always a difficult time for all families.
  • For my father William Rogal

    Who is recovering from aortic aneurysm surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Please pray for confidence and strength for him in his recovery. May he know the power and grace that only our Lord and Savior can give. Please pray that he can come home to heal. Amen
  • For Gerald Benson

    May he rest in peace.
  • For Glenn Mojzer '72

    That Glenn makes a full recovery, and that he feels God's healing presence at this time.
  • For Margaret Benito

    And her loving family
  • For the family of Walt Massic

    As we celebrate our first Christmas without him. And for all families navigating this holiday season missing a loved one.
  • For healing and strength

    Of a Freshman's grandfather who is living with cancer.
  • For those who have recently gone through surgery

    That they will feel God's healing presence and for patience as they journey through their recovery.  
  • For the end of COVID

    And the emotional toll that it has taken on everyone especially our children.
  • For Patricia Robusto

    mother of Rich Robusto '84, grandmother of Danielle '17, Maddy '20, Michael '21, Ryan '24, and Tori (future class '31)
  • For Manuel Richard Morfin

    grandfather of Emily, Class of 2022 & Natalie, Class of 2025.
  • For Serena

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  • For my father

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  • For my grandson

    Read More
  • For My Dear Friend

    Read More
  • For Norma and Jim Sutter

    Read More
  • For my acceptance

    Into Carmel of Saint Joseph of Divine Providence, Owerri, Nigeria. 
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  • For Family and Alum

    For Marie Modugno - mother of Michael Modugno ‘77 and Carmela Hapanowicz, mother in law to Jon Hapanowicz ‘78, grandmother to Adrienne ‘07, Elise ‘09, Owen ‘13, and Grace Hapanowicz
  • For Nate Stockwell

    And all the other troops in Afghanistan. May they return home safely.
  • For the grandparent of a student

    And all others, who are being treated for cancer.
  • For Simon Hamad (‘21)

    who is in Marine Bootcamp in Parris Island, South Carolina.
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  • For my nephew Noel Raj

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  • For Mary

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  • For Barbara

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  • Special Prayers for

    Classmate Bryce Wells '72 and wife Carolyn Wells as they recover at home from COVID-19
  • For Curtis Coley

    As he undergoes cancer treatment.
  • For the life and ministry

    Of the Simone Weil Catholic Worker (Portland, OR)
  • For the birth

    Of a good friend's prematurely born grandson. 
  • For Bobbie Doria

  • For Renata D.

    In this new move, keep her strong.
  • For my family

    That our Lord God will handle our family situation.
  • Please keep Kathleen

    in your prayers as she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. 
  • For Jenifer Kostos - mother, sister, aunt, best friend

    May Jenifer be healthy, and stay healthy, for many years.
  • Greg G. Fratz

    That God will grant him full time employment soon.  
  • For the family of Michael LeFort `90

    We ask for prayers, as our mother Elaine T. LeFort, passed away February 11, 2021.  
  • For the soul of Kyle Yoder

  • For Gessi S.

    Please pray for my health and healing of my illness, I need a miracle. And for other intentions that wear on me.
  • For those seeking employment

  • For the souls of

    Bernie Gannon, Stewart Lorenzen and Ted Hunker
  • For Rosario (Ross) Granata

    Ross is a 1976 graduate of Walsh Jesuit.  He went home to the Lord on December 10, 2020 after a long battle with a chronic illness.
  • For Linda Smith and her family

    As Linda's husband Darrell, is in hospice.
  • For John Joseph Delagrange ’85

    May he rest peacefully in the arms of our loving Lord Jesus Christ.  Comfort John's family during this difficult time.  Lead them into a place of peace.
  • For continued recovery

    of Mike Sweeney '72
  • For Sr. Maureen Ryba and Family

    Sr. Maureen Ryba passed away in early December. She leaves nine remaining siblings and many nieces and nephews including Andrew Ryba, class of 2003. This beloved sister, sister in law and aunt lived in community with the Sisters of Saint Joseph for over 60 years.
  • Fr. Norm Dickson, S.J.

    He was a great man and president during my time as a student at Walsh Jesuit.
  • For my grandmother

    So that she can stay healthy
  • Special prayers for fellow classmate and alumni class of 81) -

    Mike is in Western Reserve Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls struggling with COVID-19.
  • Please pray for

    long life, divine protection, and good health.
  • Special Intentions

    For the souls of Stewart Lorenzen and Bernie Gannon; for the health of Megan and Bryan
  • For the students of Walsh Jesuit

    So that they may remain safe and mentally strong during this weird time. I pray that they remain dedicated to their school work and remain close with God throughout this time.
  • A friend of mine is struggling.

    She recently experienced a break up with her fiancé of two years and was expecting to get married in October. She is expecting their first child. She has nothing for her new baby that is arriving in March. She is having a little girl. She is experiencing great sorrow and depression.
  • Please keep the family of

    Lindsay (Hawke) Baran '98 in prayer as they mourn the loss of their young son, Vincent.
  • Please keep

    a family member of ours who is 14 years old and was recently diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma) in your prayers. 
  • As we approach this holiday season,

    I ask that God comfort families that have lost loved ones and comfort individuals that feel alone or forgotten. I pray that these individuals are easily afforded a sense of peace in a way that surpasses ones understanding. I pray that I and others who have a relationship with Christ continue to use their gifts of time, service and intent to be vessels of love, compassion and empathy to everyone we meet. Let us not be weary or afraid of connection/relationship – I ask that we be steadfast in doing God’s will so that he is glorified and others will know his name. Amen.
  • Please pray for Hunter Nalepka and his family

    with the loss of his sister, Delaney. May God give them grace and peace so they can hold onto their beautiful memories of Delaney.
  • For strength and healing

     for all victims of the Coronavirus
As a Christ-centered community, we strive to be Men and Women for and with Others.