Prayer Requests

One of the greatest gifts we can give is through special intentions for one another in prayer.

There’s a strength that comes from praying with one another and for one another.  If you have a special intention or prayer request, we encourage you to complete the form below.  In respect for your privacy you do not need to provide details when submitting your intention.

Down below the request form is a list of special intentions and prayers.  As you scroll through, please keep these prayer requests in your daily prayer.

Let us pray. . .

List of 10 items.

  • A friend of mine is struggling.

    She recently experienced a break up with her fiancé of two years and was expecting to get married in October. She is expecting their first child. She has nothing for her new baby that is arriving in March. She is having a little girl. She is experiencing great sorrow and depression.
  • As we approach this holiday season,

    I ask that God comfort families that have lost loved ones and comfort individuals that feel alone or forgotten. I pray that these individuals are easily afforded a sense of peace in a way that surpasses ones understanding. I pray that I and others who have a relationship with Christ continue to use their gifts of time, service and intent to be vessels of love, compassion and empathy to everyone we meet. Let us not be weary or afraid of connection/relationship – I ask that we be steadfast in doing God’s will so that he is glorified and others will know his name. Amen.
  • For strength and healing

     for all victims of the Coronavirus
  • For the students of Walsh Jesuit

    So that they may remain safe and mentally strong during this weird time. I pray that they remain dedicated to their school work and remain close with God throughout this time.
  • Please keep

    a family member of ours who is 14 years old and was recently diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma) in your prayers. 
  • Please keep the family of

    Lindsay (Hawke) Baran '98 in prayer as they mourn the loss of their young son, Vincent.
  • Please pray for

    long life, divine protection, and good health.
  • Please pray for Hunter Nalepka and his family

    with the loss of his sister, Delaney. May God give them grace and peace so they can hold onto their beautiful memories of Delaney.
  • Special Intentions

    For the souls of Stewart Lorenzen and Bernie Gannon; for the health of Megan and Bryan
  • Special prayers for fellow classmate and alumni class of 81) -

    Mike is in Western Reserve Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls struggling with COVID-19.