Supporting the ARTS at Walsh Jesuit

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity within the Walsh Jesuit High School Community for our young adults to engage in outstanding academics, grounded faith formation, athletic spirit and competition and entertainment and exploration of the arts...all under one roof!

The Performing Arts experiences at WJ abound:
  • Theatrical Productions
  • Literary writings (stories and poetry)
  • Show choir performances and competition
  • Chamber/liturgical vocal ensemble
  • Warrior Corps and Flag Corps
  • Instrumental, concert band, jazz band, string orchestra and brass choir
The arts are alive and well at Walsh Jesuit.  To keep it alive we need your support.

Upcoming Events:

Executive Board

President – Tony Siracusa

Vice President - Lynne Jurczyk 

Treasurer - Julia Henderson 
Asst. Treasurer - Joe Ward

Secretary - Joan Hinkle

Harmony Gold Liaison – Jill May

CenterStage Liaison - TBD  Open

WJHS Performing Arts Chair (ex officio)  Mr. David Banks