Walsh Jesuit High School Endowment Fund

Supporting deserving students through endowed tuition assistance

Why does Wash Jesuit have an endowment fund?
At the core of Walsh Jesuit High School is the commitment to granting young men and women an outstanding education that is centered in Ignatian spirituality and Christian service.  In order to truly fulfill its mission, the school must maintain an economically diverse population.  By increasing tuition assistance, Walsh Jesuit will be able to offer educational opportunities to students from all socio-economic backgrounds. 
Perhaps the most lasting tribute anyone can give to the school is to make the legacy of a Walsh Jesuit education affordable to others. The endowment fund enables Walsh Jesuit to provide an outstanding education to all academically qualified students, regardless of their economic background.   This goal becomes increasingly more difficult to achieve due to the rising cost of education and the fluctuations in the economy. 
The majority of Walsh Jesuit tuition assistance grants are generated through the school’s endowment fund.   Donations to the endowment fund are invested and only the interest generated is used for tuition assistance. 

Endowed Funds

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  • Named Endowed Funds (Tuition Assistance)

    Walsh Jesuit’s Named Endowed Scholarship Program—beginning at $10,000—provides an opportunity to assist current and future generations of students. At the same time, it enables donors to recognize significant individuals, such as alumni, family members, classmates, or faculty, who have lived their lives as “men and women for others.”    
  • Partially Endowed Fund

    Once the scholarship fund reaches $10,000 (payable over three to five years), 5% will be eligible for distribution as tuition assistance to a financially deserving student.   As donations continue, the principal grows as does the interest available for distribution to students.   
  • Endowed Fund

    Once the cumulative contributions reach $100,000.00 or more, it is considered an endowed scholarship. A corpus of $100,000 will provide $5,000 in tuition assistance to a deserving student.

Named Fund Spotlight

The endowment for the Walsh Jesuit High School provides the opportunity to provide support for the school in perpetuity. Additionally there are several named funds within the endowment that were established with the purpose of carrying on a specific program. Two examples of these funds are described below:

List of 2 items.

  • The Fund for Service Learning in Memory of Marita Tulisiak

    Alumni parent, Marita Tulisiak worked tirelessly to improve the lives of those less fortunate. She dedicated her energy and efforts to making a better community a reality for many of those in need. Tulisiak volunteered at Malachi House with her therapy dog, Maisie, was the former Director of Birth Care for Medina County, and co-founder “mother” of 100+ Women Who Care Medina, whose mission is to bring 100+ women together to contribute $100 four times a year to local charities in Medina.
             Sadly, Marita passed away in December 2014 after a courageous battle with cancer. In honor of Marita and to carry on her energy, love and enthusiasm for life and for carrying for those in need, her husband, Terry and children, Kelly (Stepnowsky) ’98, Kate (Randquist) ’01 and Kyle ’04 have started a service learning program through Campus Ministry at Walsh Jesuit.
                        Service is a vital part of Walsh Jesuit, with all of our students serving others through various campus ministry programs each year. The service learning program will begin in the 2016-17 school year, starting first with a few classes. This program will base a student’s service experience in a classroom setting – enabling students to learn about social justice issues in academic courses, apply their knowledge to real-life situations through community service and then engage in reflective exercises, discussion and projects to process the experience. Non-profits will be chosen to provide meaningful learning experiences and positive mentorship experiences for our students. While this program is a new initiative at Walsh Jesuit High School, the concept has a great track record. Service learning programs have existed in the university setting for years and had extremely positive results—both for the students’ experiences of service and justice as well as an increased aptitude for the material studied in the class.
              “Walsh Jesuit not only gave a great education to our children, but taught them life lessons bigger than the classroom,” said Tulisiak. “Walsh taught them about working with people, taught them the importance of service, and the importance of giving back.”
            “Through the generous commitment from the Tulisiak family, and the inspiring life of Marita, service learning at Walsh Jesuit High School hopes to grow beyond something that students must do to complete a requirement,” said Tim Dunn, Campus Ministry Director. “This opportunity will allow us to be more concerned with how we are educating the hearts of our students—inviting them to truly care for other people and utilize their gifts and talents to help create a better world,” said Dunn.        If you would like to learn more about the Service Learning Program or would like to contribute to the Fund for Service Learning in Memory of Marita Tulisiak, please contact Bonnie Wojno at 330.929.4205 ext. 166.
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  • The Reverend Donald Petkash, S.J. Fund for Ignatian Mission and Identity

    To celebrate Walsh Jesuit High School’s 50th year in 2014, Barbara LaRose created this fund. LaRose, an alumni parent, former board member, current treasurer of the alumni mothers’ club and the 2014 Manresa Award recipient established this fund to honor Fr. Petkash for his many dedicated years of service to Walsh Jesuit High School, and, at his request, to support and fund the Ignatian Mission and Identity pursuits of the Walsh Jesuit community.
     LaRose strongly believes it is important for lay leadership and Jesuits to collaborate in continuing to fulfill the Jesuit mission throughout the world. One of her favorite quotes reads, "Partnership and cooperation with others in the ministry is not a pragmatic strategy resulting from diminishing manpower; it is an essential dimension of the contemporary way of proceeding.” (DECREE 6 of the 34th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus).
    With this passion, she felt that it was important to create the fund for many reasons; among them; the importance of deepening the understanding of Ignatian Spirituality within our community.
    “Fr. Petkash has served at Walsh Jesuit for multiple generations and truly exemplifies the ‘magis’ through his leadership and in creating a strong Jesuit identity throughout the Walsh Jesuit community,” said Barbara LaRose. “My goal in creating the fund is to continue to see mission and identity as the heart of Walsh Jesuit High School and to honor the passion and commitment Fr. Petkash has given to the school for over 19 years.”  
    Father Petkash, S.J., was President of Walsh Jesuit from 1992-2003 and has been Vice President of Mission and Identity since 2010. It is through his tireless efforts that new faculty and staff receive formation in Ignatian spirituality each year and that the WJ wider community can experience the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises through the SPA retreat program.
    LaRose has spent countless hours making Walsh Jesuit a better place over the last 20 years, and during her time at WJ, she has truly embraced Ignatian Spirituality. She earned her Masters of Arts in Humanities with a concentration in Religious Studies- Ignatian Spirituality from John Carroll University in 2012. She has completed two Ignatian pilgrimages, one to Rome and one to Spain, and is an Alpha Sigma NU – a member of the National Jesuit Honor Society at John Carroll University.
    It is because of Barbara’s dedication to the mission of Walsh Jesuit High School that she initiated this endowment that will carry on the work of Ignatian Mission and Identity at Walsh Jesuit in honor of Fr. Donald Petkash, S.J.
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Want to Help?

For more information on Walsh Jesuit’s Endowment Fund and Named Endowed Scholarships, please contact Bonnie Lass Wojno at 330-929-4205 ext. 166 or wojnob@walshjesuit.org.