Register a Phone Number

Walsh Jesuit utilizes an automated phone call and text messaging system to alert families of important news such as snow days or a change in the school calendar. In order to receive these alerts, you must register your phone number with our system. Most families have already had a primary phone number automatically registered with the system, however, if you wish to receive messages at an additional number, you may add that phone number to your family's profile.
Before you begin this registration process, Please read all the instructions completely and thoroughly.  Because you will need to immediately verify your account by phone and by email, you must have access to a phone on the primary phone lineAnd you must have access to the email account you use for the registration processImportant Note: when providing a phone number, do not include any formatting characters -- no parentheses, no dashes, no periods, eg. 3309294205.
To Register additional phone numbers click here. 

Cafeteria Management

Walsh Jesuit has food available for purchase by students every school day in the Commons. Meals and snacks are offered in the morning before school and during all lunch periods. The menu changes weekly. Fresh fruit cups, salad bar, exhibition stations with the special of the day, sushi, sandwiches and many healthy choices are available daily. 


Cafeteria Payment System

A cafeteria debit system is available to pay-in-advance for cafeteria purchases. Students may also pay cash on a daily basis. The debit system works with a PIN pad located near the end of the serving line. A student enters his/her six-digit student identification number to access the account. A picture of the student appears on the monitor for the cashier to view to insure that no other student uses the account.

Advanced payments to a student's account may be made at the cafeteria cash register via cash or check (made payable to "A Taste of Excellence"). In addition, payments may be made via credit card on-line at At, parents may add money to an account as well as review the balance and purchases 24/7. Parent may set-up alerts when the account reaches a preset amount
To register on go to the home page and click on "Sign up for an Account".

For any questions, please contact the Business Office at Walsh Jesuit at 330.929.4205.

Online Textbook Purchase

Walsh Jesuit offers supplemental textbooks and materials through MBS Direct, an online textbook distributor.  These materials are not available for purchase through the school.  Please follow the link below to order your student's materials. 
Please note:  The site is organized by course name.  If your student's course is not listed, this means the materials for the class will be provided at school by either the state or faculty member, and there is no need to purchase additional materials online.


Shipping charges for all sales are the same, regardless of whether the materials are shipped to your home or the school.   
CLICK HERE to purchase your student's textbooks

Instructions on how to Register a Phone Number