Scholarship Fund Provides Tax Credit

Ohio taxpayers are able to receive a tax credit based on their filing status for cash donations to a certified scholarship granting organization.
The state of Ohio has introduced a new program that offers Ohio taxpayers the opportunity to receive a 100% tax credit of up to $750 ($1,500 for a married couple filing jointly) in cash donations to a certified scholarship-granting organization (SGO).  The Diocese of Cleveland created an SGO, Angel Scholarship Fund, and all friends of Walsh Jesuit High School are now able to make donations through this program.

You must pay taxes and Ohio will let you direct it to an SGO, in this case the Diocese, who will then give 100% of the money to WJ. 

When making a donation please make sure Walsh Jesuit High School is selected as the recipient of your contribution.  The Diocese will send a gift receipt to you for tax purposes and send WJ the donation.

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