Over the years the Walsh Jesuit Alumni Association has selected alumni standouts to the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame. These former Walsh Jesuit athletes, coaches, and support staff have helped establish the proud and rich Warrior athletic tradition of Walsh Jesuit High School.  The next induction will take place August 2, 2019.

Alumni Awards Night

On Friday, August 10, 2018 the Walsh Jesuit High School Alumni Association hosted its annual Alumni Awards Night. The evening honored recipients of the Distinguished Alumnus Awards as well as the Athletic Hall of Fame inductees. The Distinguished Alumnus Award is presented to an alumnus or alumna who has utilized his or her talents in an exemplary way to serve God and the community, consistent with Walsh Jesuit’s mission “Men and Women for and with Others.” Ambassador Kenneth Merten ’79 and Reverend Edward Siebert, S.J. ’84 were both honored.

Ambassador Merten was recognized for a remarkable career of service both to the United States of America, as well as to the people of Croatia and especially Haiti. Fr. Siebert was presented the award for his work at Loyola Productions, an organization he helped to found, which provides high quality and thought provoking content to challenge our view of the world. Fr. Siebert is also the first alumnus from Walsh Jesuit to have joined the Jesuit order.

The Walsh Jesuit High School Alumni Association also recognized six members of the Walsh Jesuit Community who made significant contributions to their sport as an athlete or coach with the Class of 2018 Athletic Hall of Fame induction. Former Walsh Jesuit athletes inducted were; Justin Alaburda ’00 (football, baseball and basketball), Paul Hudson Jones II (PJ) ’00 (wrestling, football and baseball), Kathryn (Tulisiak) Randquist ’01 (soccer, basketball and track), Lorena Floccari ’04 (softball and cross country), Johnna Zaccari ’07 (basketball, track and field). In addition, Coach Bill Barger was honored for his significant contribution to the Walsh Jesuit High School wrestling program. Coach Barger led the Warriors to multiple team and individual state and national championships and was the founder of the enormously popular Ironman Tournament.

The 2019 Alumni Awards Night will be held on August 2, 2019. For questions or more information about the nomination process, please contact Kevin Byrne ’92, Director of Alumni Relations at byrnek@walshjesuit.org.
    • 2018 Distinguished Alumnus Award & Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

      2018 Distinguished Alumnus Award & Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Walsh Jesuit Hall of Fame Inductees

List of 13 items.

  • 1988

    NameGrad Year      Sport(s)
    Dave Antognoli          1969    Track and Cross Country 
    David Smith 1970Football, Basketball, Baseball
    Gregory Koss1970Football, Basketball, Baseball
    Richard Kase1970Football, Wrestling, Track
    Al Maclellan1971Football and Track
    William RiccoCoachFootball and Basketball
  • 1989

    Name   Grad Year      Sport(s)
    Thomas Lopienski  1972Football and Baseball
    Edward Becker1974Football
    Jim Stevens1974Track and Cross Country
    Edward Marshall
    1975Track and Basketball
    Michael Pozuc1975Track and Football
  • 1990

    NameGrad Year       Sport(s)
    Jack Maclellan1969Football and Wrestling
    South Smith1973Basketball and Golf
    Martin Constantine1977Football
    Robert Zielinski1977Baseball
    Pete Carrillo1979Basketball and Football
  • 1992

    NameGrad Year       Sport(s)
    Jeffrey Klein1977Basketball
    Alfonzo Bouldin1981Football
    Donald Horning1981Wrestling
    Richard Robusto1982Wrestling
    Terrrence Stanoch  1983Basketball, Baseball, Soccer
    Joseph Petzker1985Soccer
    Shannan Ritchie1985Cross Country and Track
  • 1995

    NameGrad Year       Sport (s)
    Richard Popp1971Football and Baseball
    Michael McShane1973Football
    Stephen Fitzhugh1981Football and Track
    David McCarty1982Basketball and Track
    Kevin McGrath1985Soccer
    Richard Luby1985Cross Country and Track
    Joseph BenesCoachFootball and Wrestling
  • 1997

    NameGrad Year       Sport(s)
    Steve Dishauzi1970Basketball
    Tom Stanley1972Cross Country and Track
    Alan Peterson1974Cross Country and Track
    John Dobrzeniecki1974Football and Track
    Joseph Dobrzeniecki1974Football and Track
    Michael Lytz1974Football and Track
    Rick Radtke1979Basketball and Track
    Terry Williams1979Basketball and Football
    Dr. Paul KilwayTeam PhysicianAll Sports
  • 1998

    NameGrad Year       Sport(s)
    Dan Pipitone1971Cross Country, Football, Track
    Tom Rogers1977Football
    John Wegryn1982Soccer
    Joe Vassalotti  1986Baseball, Basketball, Football
    Gomer Smith1987Track, Baseball, Football
  • 2004

    NameGrad Year       Sport(s)
    Hal Von Wyl1982Football
    Steve Anello1986Baseball, Basketball, Golf
    Anthony Mastromatteo  1988Soccer
    Rob Wakeling1989Golf
    Dan Leemaster1991Wrestling
    Eric Sabo1991Wrestling
    Markus Mollica1991Wrestling
  • 2009

    NameGrad Year       Sport(s)
    Josh Ritchie1993Cross Country and Track
    Mike Vrabel1993Football, Track, Basketball
    Brock Kreitzburg  1994Football and Track
    Ryan Armour1994Golf and Basketball
    Jaci Stein1996Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
    Joe Heskett1997Wrestling, Soccer, Football
    John HasenstabCoach Track, Football, Cross Country
  • 2014

    NameGrad Year       Sport(s)
    Don Padgett III1993Golf
    Clint Musser1994Wrestling
    Darik Warnke1996Football, Basketball, Baseball
    Mary Varga Stupczy  1998Track, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball
    Dan Larlham1999Football
    Patrick O'Brien1999Baseball and Basketball
    Daniel Basch2000Football and Baseball
    Kristen Weiss2002Soccer
    Frank LupicaCoachGolf, Basketball, Cross Country
  • 2016

    NameGrad Year       Sport(s)
    Michael Luby1986Cross Country and Track
    Scott Kaczmar1990Baseball
    Kevin O'Neill1993Football and Wrestling
    Jeffrey Knupp1997Wrestling and Football
    Chad Frk2000Baseball and Football
    Kara Mayle Warnke2000Basketball, Volleyball, Track
    Colleen Markey Hoban  2002Soccer
  • 2018

    Name Grad Year  Sport(s)
    Justin Alaburda2000Baseball, Basketball, Football
    Paul Hudson Jones II (PJ)2000Baseball, Football, Wrestling
    Kathryn (Tulisiak) Randquist2001Soccer, Basketball, Track
    Lorena Floccari2004Cross Country, Softball
    Johnna Zaccari2007Basketball, Track & Field
    Bill BargerCoachWrestling
  • 2019

    NameGrad Year   Sport(s)
    Gerry Rardin1972 Football (Coach)
    Bob Golias1982Cross Country, Track & Field
    Pat Flaherty1983Basketball, Baseball, Track & Field
    Pat O'Neil1999Football
    Katie Dull2007Volleyball, Basketball
    Grant ConzamanAthletic Director