Technology Overview

Walsh Jesuit recognizes that we all live in an increasingly technological world. Our teachers integrate a variety of digital learning platforms on a daily basis in a way that is deliberate and in line with our identity as Ignation educators. Technology at Walsh Jesuit is meant to explore and expand a student’s learning and creativity.  Walsh Jesuit employs a 1:1 technology initiative in which all students utilize iPads with wireless Bluetooth keyboards as educational tools. These devices allow the students to access Moodle, our online learning management system (LMS) on which teachers post their syllabi, assignments, and supplemental resources for class.  The iPads facilitate mobile learning and communication, reinforcing personal technology skills and literacy they will use in college as 21st century learners.  While a great many educational goals can be accomplished with new impressive software and on-line resources, we still believe in “unplugging” and maintaining restrictions for technology free time and spaces to help foster authentic and meaningful relationships.

Walsh Jesuit employs a highly qualified and dedicated technology support team who are not only knowledgeable, but who put students first and care for the whole individual. Technology support is available to teachers and students throughout the day, and work is constantly being accomplished behind the scene to maintain, improve and expand resources available to educators and students.  Matt Long, Educational Technologist, coordinates and manages technology integration projects, organizes professional development opportunities, helps the technology curriculum, and serves as a liaison between the IT Department and the faculty.  Making up the rest of Walsh Jesuit’s IT Department is full-time IT Director Mark Schweter, who constantly maintains and enhances the school’s wireless network.  Technology Support Specialist Charles Korecki runs the school’s technology help desk and provides technology support, which includes the installation of new equipment.

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  • Support Team

    Walsh Jesuit employs a highly qualified and dedicated technology support team.  Highly qualified and skilled technology support is available to teachers and students throughout the school day, and work is constantly being done behind the scenes to maintain, improve, and enhance the resources available to teachers and students.  A dedicated educational technologist coordinates and manages technology integration projects, organizes professional development opportunities, and serves as a liason between technology support and the teaching staff.  
  • 1:1 Technology Initiative

    For the 2016-2017 school year the entire Walsh Jesuit community rolled out their 1:1 initiative with every student now using iPads with a bluetooth wireless keyboard. Students and faculty incorporate the iPAds as an additional educational tool that inspires creativity and productivity.
  • Technology Labs

    Walsh Jesuit operates a computer lab, used primarily for technology courses including Adobe Photoshop.  There are over 30 computers, available for teachers to reserve and use during the school day.  Additionally, the library houses over 30 more computers students can use between the hours of 7:00am to 4:00pm on school days.

21st Century Classroom

The Malley's 21st Century Classroom is a "classroom of tomorrow," an open space with modular furniture, a productive environment in which students can develop the skills they will require in the workplace and teachers are facilitators of their learning. The focus of a 21st century classroom is on students experiencing the environment they will enter as modern day workers and developing their higher order thinking skills, effective communication skills, collaboration skills, making them adept with using technology and all other skills that they will need in the 21st century workplace.” ( Ed Tech)
The Malley's 21st Century Classroom is not a traditional classroom.  Rather, it is innovative with different configurations.  
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • A digital projector
  • Student devices such as an Airliner slate used to interact with the Whiteboard.
  • Audio System
  • Teacher computer
  • Document Camera - brings real life to the classroom with 3D imaging that records and saves lessons.
  • Video conferencing Equipment
  • Verb track for group planning - promotes creativity, sharing, and interaction
  • Node seating - facilitates group discussions and creates a fluid classroom where chairs become workstations with iPad work surfaces, a storage base and seats that are mobile!


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Walsh Jesuit is pleased to offer a 1:1 technology environment. To ensure that every freshman is equipped with a device on the first day of school, Walsh Jesuit offers two options for your convenience:

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  • Individual Purchase

    If your student already has an iPad 2 or newer (including the Mini), they will be welcome to bring it to orientation and we will add it to the WJ network. It is highly recommended that devices be protected by a sturdy cover and registered with the Find My iPad App. 
  • Technology Access Program (TAP)

    Walsh Jesuit offers a way to purchase an iPad via a monthly payment plan.  Should you wish to participate in the WJ TAP, please be aware of the following: 

    • Payments will be added to tuition and determined based on your tuition payment arrangement
    • The provision of an iPad to the Walsh Jesuit student will be subject to the satisfactory completion of, and receipt of, the Walsh Jesuit Technology Access Program Purchase Agreement by the Walsh Jesuit Business Office.
    • Additional information to follow during the enrollment process.   

1:1 and iPads FAQs

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  • Q: When did WJ begin their 1:1 initiative?

    In the WJ way of continuing to bring the best educational practices to our students and staff, the Administration began phasing in the 1:1 program 3 years ago. The Class of 2017 is our first class to fully participate in the 1:1 program.  All students have iPads, and we are all learning to integrate them in daily life.
  • Q: Is my student required to have an iPad?

    Yes.  Starting in 2016 all grade levels are required to have an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard every day.
  • Q: What if my student breaks or loses their iPad?

    Students may borrow school owned iPads on a daily basis.
  • Q: Will my student need a keyboard?

    Yes. We have found that the keyboards enhance their typing immensely, especially when typing and editing their academic papers.  Starting with the 2016-17 school year, students are required to have a blue tooth keyboard. 
  • Q: I alredy have an Android/Microsoft tablet - can I use that?

    No, unfortunately any other tablet device or laptop can be used. The management system we use for the iPads is strictly for iOS devices.
  • Q: Why the iPad? Why not another tablet or laptop?

    Based on our research, we've found the iPad and robust education focused apps to be an exceptional addition to the resources we use to meet our students needs. The long battery life, flat profile, ease of use, and "instant on" are just a few of the features that make the iPad our choice. 
  • Q: Can my student use an iPad mini?

    Yes, of course! Our minimum recommendation is an iPad Mini (1st gen) and iPad 2.
  • Q: What happens when something newer comes along?

    Something newer and better will come along - it’s the nature of today’s technology market, which is evolving at a rapid pace. Thus, it is important that we educate our students according to their end needs, goals, and objectives - not according to the device in their backpack. Technology will change and evolve - please be assured that we will continue to monitor the educational technology market, will make adjustments as is deemed appropriate, and will always work to provide students access to the best of resources.
  • Q: Does this mean textbooks will be going online?

    Yes, you will begin to see a transition to online textbooks. However, this does not mean paper is gone! We will be making the transition over a period of several years, as we determine on a course by course basis which brings the most benefit to the student - paper textbooks, online materials, or a mix of both.  
  • Q: What apps will my student be required to have?

    Specific apps, much like specific school supplies, will depend upon your student’s courses of study.  At Walsh Jesuit we require the use of Microsoft Suite apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) which all come with a free subscription as a Walsh Jesuit student.  Additionally, teachers will inform students of the apps they will need.
  • Q: Will the internet access be monitored and filtered?

    Yes. All iPads on the WJ Student network will be subject to our web filtering policies. Please note that the web filter is WJ specific. Once off campus, student iPads are subject to the filtering policies of the networks they access.
  • Q: Won't my student be distracted with an iPad? Won't they want to play games and chat with friends?

    Yes, your student will be distracted by the games and other opportunities an iPad offers - much like when we are at work, we can be distracted from our task at hand by checking email, going on Facebook, or planning that anticipated vacation. Having an iPad in class is a great resource, as well as an opportunity for students to practice self-discipline and making appropriate choices when presented with a variety of options.
  • Q: What should my student do if they break or lose their iPad?

    The iPad is considered the property of the student, and responsibility for care and use will fall on the student. We highly recommmend that families look into Apple Care+ to see if it's a fit for their needs. Additionally, the appropriate case will help protect the device from breakage - again, consider your student and how they will handle the device when making purchase decisions.

    Should a student be without their iPad for a short period of time, perhaps for repair or replacement, we will have a few loaners available.
  • Q: How will I register myself and my student for the enrollment meeting?

    Student device enrollment meetings will be held throughout the summer for incoming freshmen and transfer students.

    More information will be posted on meeting dates in late April.
  • Q: Will my student be trained on using the iPad? If they already know how the iPad works, will they still attend training?

    Yes, in addition to training, the primary focus of the orientation is to enroll your student on Walsh Jesuit’s network and to setup all their online accounts. Your student will receive training on how to use their iPad in an educational setting. This type of use is often very different from their previous iPad experiences, so they will definitely walk away from training with some great new tips and tools.
  • Q: Does an iPad replace a computer? Will you be shutting down the computer labs?

    No. The iPad will meet many of your student’s research, note taking, communication, and information access needs. However, the iPad is not intended to serve as replacement for a computer, but as an efficient, portable, quick access, education support tool. 
    Thus, we will continue to provide computer access in the library and other up to date technology to meet your student’s learning needs.
  • Q: Will my student be using their iPad for testing?

    Yes. Ohio is a PARCC state and we will be preparing our students for online testing. They will begin using the iPad for testing this year to ready themselves for online assessment.
  • Q: If I have more questions, who can I contact?

    If you have questions, please contact the project manager, Mr. Michael Jones, Educational Technologist, at 330.929.4205 x 171 or at