While the faculty of Walsh Jesuit High School is always available to the students, Walsh Jesuit extends the classroom by providing various opportunities for students to seek extra academic support.  Whether you need assistance with a math problem, or maybe you want to take your writing to the next level, the learning services at Walsh Jesuit abound and are available to all students.

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The mission of the Academic Resource Center is to challenge students and to support them as they attempt to maximize their individual potential.  The goals of ARC are to provide support to all levels of students, to strengthen students through organization, time management development and personal responsibility.  There is also an emphasis to create a tight network between parents, students, and teachers to ensure that the student is working and achieving to the best of his/her ability.  Additionally, the ARC reinforces critical thinking, positive choice-making and the use of coping skills when there is a serious illness and/or death of a family member.  They also help to tweak college essays, create flashcards, look at each day as fresh with no mistakes, feeling warmth and secure and finally applying their education material to life outside of school.  Lastly, National Honor Students serve as tutors to help in the ARC, so that there is always someone to help any student at any time during the school day.

Academic Resource Center

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Freshman Achievement Seminar (FAS)

The Freshman Achievement Seminar (FAS) is a supervised study hall that provides academic assistance for those who are enrolled in this class. The FAS aids in the student’s adjustment to the academic demands of Walsh Jesuit, helping to: familiarize students with available assistance and acquaint them with the school resources; establish a scheduled routine to become more accountable with utilizing these resources; motivate students to become more engaged with understanding school material as active learners. Specific help for a particular subject relies on the timely communication from parents and the student. Asking for assistance in person or through email in advance is essential for success! Students are allowed to go to the Math Lab, Writing Lab or the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for their needs. A designated teacher or upperclassman is also available to help with a particular subject. Students need to have regular, weekly appointments with academic tutors throughout the semester.

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Bain Library

Before and after school, and during their free periods, students may use Rev. Thomas Bain, S.J., Library for silent study.  The library holds a book collection, DVD collection, small periodical collection, and extensive database resources.  A media specialist—either Mr. Matt Long or Ms. Kasey Larsen—are always present to assist students with research needs, book recommendations, database research and web searches.  A faculty proctor is also present to assist.  The library has 36 computers available for research and schoolwork.  Two printers accompany these computers.  Students desiring group/ conversational study may use the rotunda or commons.  

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The Stanley J. Sever, Jr. Writing Lab

 “The Stanley J. Sever Writing Lab” is dedicated to helping interested students develop their ability to write well-developed essays.  The Writing Lab is staffed every period by an English teacher.  Students do not have to make an appointment; they can drop in at any time of the day.  While the Writing Lab will help students learn to edit and to proofread their written work, the Writing Lab is more of a place where students can work on a one-to-one basis with a teacher to learn to develop their writing skills, such as structuring and supporting their ideas with well-developed and credible evidence.  As a result, students who struggle with their writing have a wonderful opportunity to develop, and even students who are already proficient writers can use the lab to gain more mastery and command of writing.  Additionally, since the English curriculum for freshmen and sophomores includes mastery of conventional grammar and mechanics, teachers in the Writing Lab can facilitate student learning.  Assistance with reading comprehension is also available.

Writing Lab Tutors

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The Math Lab

The Math Lab, in conjunction with the Math Department, is available to help students in regular core math classes on a drop-in or scheduled basis.  Help is available before school, during study halls and lunch.  The Math Lab is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7am until 3pm in A13 (Allwin Hall).  On Mondays and Fridays students may receive assistance in the Math Office (Room 123) from any of the available math teachers.  Students may be scheduled in the lab due to low entrance exam scores or referrals from math teachers, parents or counselors.  The mission of the Math Lab is to treat students with respect, patience and concern.  Our goals include: building self-confidence, strengthening math knowledge base and, ultimately, having students move beyond the lab to independent work.

Math Lab Tutors

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