The Ricco Legacy Fund


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B. William "Coach" Ricco

 March 1, 1932 - August 27, 2009

 A Man for Others

 For nearly all members of the school
 community, the name Bill Ricco is
 synonymous with Walsh Jesuit.

 Hired as a teacher and coach in 1965,
 the same year the school opened,
 Ricco devoted more than four decades
 to Walsh Jesuit, serving as athletic
 director, assistant principal, and principal.
 In 1996 he joined the Alumni Relations
 Office and began working as a college
 counselor, keeping a full-time schedule
 until the 2008-09 school year and holding
 both positions until his death. For many
 of the school’s early alumni, however,
 he will forever be “Coach.” Ricco, in fact,
 was Walsh Jesuit’s first football coach,
 retiring in 1979 with a remarkable
 94-14-1 record, which included three
 undefeated seasons.

 During his career, Ricco earned numer-
 ous accolades, including Walsh Jesuit’s
 Manresa Award, the school’s highest
 honor. Presented in 2006, the award
 is given to members of the school
 community who have served selflessly
 to further the school’s mission and
 are exemplars of the Jesuit motto:
 Men and women for others.

 Following his death in 2009, numerous
 alumni and alumni parents expressed
 a desire to establish a fund that would
 honor Ricco's memory and his legacy
 of caring.
 And those who knew him best agree
 that, above all, Ricco wanted to ensure
 need-based tuition assistance was
 available for every deserving Walsh
 Jesuit student.

 “How’s it going?”
 “Everything OK?”
 “Did you ever consider UD
  for college?”

 What is the Ricco Legacy Fund?

 The Ricco Legacy Fund will provide need-
 based tuition assistance to deserving
 Walsh Jesuit students — a cause that
 was near to Bill Ricco’s heart.

 Ricco was very aware, in fact, that each
 year Walsh Jesuit received many more
 requests for financial aid than the school
 was able to fulfill. 

 Your gift to the Ricco Legacy Fund will
 ensure the dream of a Walsh Jesuit
 education remains alive for the most
 financially needy students — and
 continues the legacy of love and caring
 that Bill Ricco established and faithfully

 Ways to help

 Many people feared Bill Ricco's death
 meant Walsh Jesuit would never be the
 same. While that may be true in some
 ways, Bill Ricco also left an incredible
 legacy that has inspired so many, who
 together, can do more than Bill could
 have done alone.

 Be part of the legacy!

 In addition to attending the launch of
 the Ricco Legacy Fund on December 2,
 consider helping the fund grow by:
 • Offering to contact your classmates
    and teammates
 • Providing email addresses of
 • Volunteering for the phone-a-thon
    (Phones provided by Robb Moretti '83
    and Verizon Wireless)
 • Providing support services
 • Being an example to others by
   donating to the fund!
 CLICK HERE to complete an online
 form on ways you want to be involved.

 Why the legacy fund?

 For many students, the dream of a Walsh Jesuit education may remain just a dream.
 Why? Because families fall behind in tuition payments, mostly due to unexpected job    
 losses and serious medical illnesses. Sadly, students, through no fault of their own,
 often become the ones who pay the heaviest price in a family that is struggling

 Toward the end of last school year, for example, 50 students (11 seniors, 13 juniors,
 15 sophomores, and nine freshmen) were in dire need of financial aid totaling more
 than $235,000. Walsh Jesuit had done as much as possible financially to help the
 families, many of whom were among the 230 recipients of nearly $1 million in
 tuition assistance distributed annually by the school.

 The bottom line? Like the struggling families, Walsh Jesuit is under tremendous
 financial strain and simply unable to do more for many students.


 If God has blessed you, please consider sharing your gifts by contributing to
 the Ricco Legacy Fund. For many students, you are their last and best hope for
 a Walsh Jesuit education.

 "Coach" would be proud!