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Extra Curricular Activities meetings are communicated through the morning announcements.

Academic Challenge

If you like Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit and like to be on TV this group is for you. Students compete in a variety of academic fields against other schools from Summit County and beyond. Practices are held Mondays and Wednesdays in Room 124. Tournaments run from mid-October through mid-December with some Saturdays through April.

Janet Osborne - osbornej@walshjesuit.org
Lisa Massello – massellol@walshjesuit.org



Students assist the Admissions Office in hosting prospective students and their families at various school events throughout the year. Freshmen may apply in the spring. Upperclassmen may contact the Admissions Office.

Moderator: Admissions Office - Rob Eubank - eubankr@walshjesuit.org
Jenn Clair – clairj@walshjesuit.org


Art, Home, and Design Club

The purpose of this club is for students who express interest in Art & Design to make fun & unique crafts.

Moderator: Cheril Walker – walkerch@walshjesuit.org


Big Warrior/Little Warrior

This organization pairs incoming freshman “Little Warriors” with upperclassman “Big Warriors” to help ease the transition to the high school environment. The program provides many unique and individually focused activities to allow the Little Warriors to bond as a class, to bond with their Big Warriors, and to begin to discover more about Walsh Jesuit than they previously knew.

Moderator: Lynn Humiston- humistonl@walshjesuit.org


Book Club

Do you enjoy reading books and discussing them with others? Then join the Walsh Jesuit Book Club where students gather together to decide upon, read, and discuss books with the purpose of enhancing knowledge of and interest in all genres of literature. Other than meetings focused on discussing literature, the Book Club engages in activities such as traveling to local book signings or libraries, seeing movies based on books, and partaking in trivia games on noted authors.

Moderator: Corinne Morrison – morrisonc@walshjesuit.org


Brass Choir

Early instrumental music was reserved for religious purposes and played by brass instruments. If you would like to examine this literature and broaden your scope of musical knowledge, ability, and application then this is the group for you. Meeting dates and time to be announced.

Moderator: TBA


Broadcasting Program/WJBN

This new initiative seeks to promote and recognize the talents of Walsh Jesuit students on display in games, performances, events, and activities through the medium of live internet broadcasting. Whether your particular interests may lie in broadcasting, camera operation, video uploading, statistics, background research, scheduling, program production, serving as a liaison to the Athletic Department or Administration, or a myriad of other opportunities that the Broadcasting Program offers, we would like you to join OUR team.

Moderator: TBA


Buddies Club

A service initiative that enables Walsh Jesuit students to work alongside students with autism, the Buddies Club is new for 2014-15. Under the leadership of strong student leaders, the club raises awareness about autism and plans monthly fun activities to work with children and families affected by autism.

Moderator: TBA


Chamber Ensemble

This audition-only singing group performs at the Christmas program, Spring Concert, and competitive contests and festivals. The repertoire includes: classical, acapella, gospel, folk, and jazz vocal music of a fairly high degree of difficulty.

Moderator: Rich Weber - weberr@walshjesuit.org


Chemistry Club

This group fosters an appreciation for and a deeper engagement in the field of chemistry. Activities and events allow students to discover and deepen their interest in this area of science.

Moderator: Suzanne Maloney- maloneys@walshjesuit.org


Chess Club

Interested in learning more about the greatest game ever invented? The Chess Club introduces students of all abilities and experience to the game of chess and invites them to learn and participate in competition with one another and against regional opponents.

Moderator: Adam Tully – tullya@walshjesuit.org


Dance Team

If you have a background and an interest in dance, then this might be the club for you. The Dance Team performs at select basketball games during the winter season and works on different routines throughout the school year.

Moderator: Corinne Morrison – morrisonc@walshjesuit.org


Drama Club

The Centerstage Theater puts on a major dramatic play and a musical each year. Although the cast is chosen through audition, the club is open to all students. Past shows include Peter Pan, Footloose, Guys and Dolls, Grease, Fame, Oklahoma, Little Shop of Horrors, Anything Goes, Dead Man Walking, The Miracle Worker, Flowers For Algernon, Pygmalion, The Sound of Music, Bye Bye Birdie, A Christmas Carol, and The Wizard of Oz.

Moderator: Dave Banks - banksd@walshjesuit.org


Warrior Corps Marching Band/Colorguard

These groups provide the musical performances and musical support for various athletic events and school activities, and represent the school in community events throughout the year. Any current band member is eligible or you may audition in May.

Moderator: Dave Banks – banksd@walshjesuit.org


Engineering Club

This group consists of students interested in engineering who enter various science and engineering contests. They design and build machines for these contests and for their own personal enjoyment.

Moderator: Eric Dimitrov – dimitrove@walshjesuit.org


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Club

This club is open to all students interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial thinking as a mindset that can help ensure success in any career. Club meetings will give members the opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs, collaborate with other students on great business ideas, and participate in occasional field trips to local businesses and entrepreneurial events.

Kristin Dowling – dowlingk@walshjesuit.org


Environmental Club

Our in-house version of “Sierra Club” is involved in varied activities from wetlands investigations to hiking and backpacking.

Moderator: Andy Truax - truaxa@walshjesuit.org

Figure Skating

Students with a figure skating background who are interested in competing for the school in a statewide tournament should glide on over to this club. Though not a varsity sport, this club hopes to grow to allow for interested members to work together throughout the year to become better skaters and performers.

Moderator: Sean Lynch- lynchs@walshjesuit.org



Five different opportunities await students interested in participating in intramural athletic competition. During the Fall, co-ed softball takes place after school two days per week. Beginning on Saturday mornings in late September non-varsity men and women participate in tap-football. Females can try their hand at Intramural Field Hockey, also held after school during the Fall season. Warrior men and women play basketball, beginning in January. And in the Spring, co-ed teams compete after school in ultimate frisbee competition outside on the athletic fields of Walsh Jesuit.

Moderators: Intramural Softball (Fall) – Drew Marquard – marquarda@walshjesuit.org
Intramural Football (Fall) – TBA
Intramural Women’s Field Hockey (Fall) – Gary Rybka – rybkag@walshjesuit.org
Intramural Basketball (Winter) – TBA
Intramural Ultimate Frisbee (Spring) – Gary Rybka – rybkag@walshjesuit.org


Investment Club/Stock Market Club

Bull or bear? Students invest and participate in the Ohio Market Simulation game, operating out of John Carroll University. There is $16 fee for participation. The club has a fall and spring season each lasting ten weeks. Students may compete alone or with another player.

Moderator: Dan Vaughn – vaughnd@walshjesuit.org


Italian Club

Students who have an interest in Italian culture, food, or community activities are encouraged to consider taking part in the Italian Club. Club members visit local Italian restaurants, attend Italian-American functions, and learn more about the customs of Italy and the influences of Italy on America.

Moderator: Samantha South – souths@walshjesuit.org


Justice League

Students meet every other Tuesday in Room 100 to learn about the faith and social issues that are important to the church and all Christians. The club celebrates the Jesuit tradition of “A Faith the does Justice.”

Moderators: Tim Dunn – dunnt@walshjesuit.org

Lauren Fraser – fraserl@walshjesuit.org

Michael Palange – palangem@walshjesuit.org


Labre Project

Students meet each Monday evening, including summer, to share food and friendship with the least of our sisters and brothers living on the streets of Akron, following the call and example of the life of St. Benedict Joseph Labre. After preparing a simple meal and praying before the Blessed Sacrament, students depart to visit the homeless under bridges, next to the tracks, on street corners, and in nooks and crannies of downtown Akron. Sign up at the Justice League meetings.

Moderator: Brent Brown – brownb@walshjesuit.org

Michael Palange – palangem@walshjesuit.org


Liturgy Club

The Liturgy Club serves the school by creating materials for and operating the projection system for school Masses, prayer services, and special events. Participants work to generate Power Points and other presentations to assist the student body in celebration of the Sacraments and other events.

Moderator: Fr. Don Petkash – petkashd@walshjesuit.org


Math Club

For those students who enjoy creative math dilemmas and looking at the applications of mathematics in the world today, this club is for you. Members take part in Cedar Point’s Physics, Math, and Science Week during the Spring.

Moderator: Kasey Kosec – koseck@walshjesuit.org


Mock Trial

Are you considering a career as an attorney? You will gather first-hand experience by becoming a lawyer or a witness on the Mock Trial team as you compete against other schools. This activity starts in late October and ends in early February and will not conflict with fall or spring sports. The group involves one to two meetings (total of five hours) per week.

Moderator: Catherine Marquard – marquardc@walshjesuit.org


National Honor Society

This group is a service organization composed of those juniors and seniors who have exhibited academic and social leadership in our school. A 3.75 GPA is required. NHS members organize various events and activities that provide service to our school and the local community.

Moderators: Gary Rybka – rybkag@walshjesuit.org


Outdoors Club

Do you enjoy the fresh air and hiking? Want to scale the walls? Students meet on Tuesdays after Soccer season. Pay attention to the announcements for information about the first meeting later this fall.

Moderator: TBD


Photography Club

Students interested in exploring the art of photography and helping with the yearbook and other school publications should join the Photography Club. No experience necessary – just an interest in learning more about this lifelong skill.

Moderator: Corinne Morrison – morrisonc@walshjesuit.org


Piano Club

Would you like to spend some of your free time during the school day practicing the piano or getting together with other students to work on different pieces? Or would you like to brush up on your piano skills and take lessons from some students with a background in piano playing? Then you might be perfect for the Piano Club.

Moderator: Rich Weber – weberr@walshjesuit.org


Ping Pong Club

Do you enjoy a game of ping pong every now and then? Want to get better sport you can play for life? Or do you just want to spend some time hanging out with some really great people while having fun? If so, then why not try the Ping Pong Club. Club members spend two days after school each week playing ping pong and set up periodic school tournaments to raise money for charitable causes. No experience is necessary.

Moderators: Meg Bruno – brunom@walshjesuit.org
Joe Vecchio – vecchioj@walshjesuit.org
Matt Long – longm@walshjesuit.org


The Pioneer

Students have an opportunity to develop their writing skills as part of the school newspaper staff. Students may join either as members of the Journalism class or as writers outside of class. Monthly announcements allow members to cover a variety of topics for articles.

Moderator: Joe Adair – adairj@walshjesuit.org


Project Speak Out

Would you like to work to bring prominent speakers from all over the world to Walsh Jesuit for the purpose of speaking to the student body? Are there issues that you feel your classmates should learn more about? Then join Project Speak Out. Project Speak Out has raised funds, prepared for, and helped plan the visits of Immaculee Illibagiza, author of Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust, and Fr. Greg Boyle, S.J., advocate for at-risk and gang-involved youth in Los Angeles, and author of Tattoos on the Heart.

Moderator: Lauren Fraser – fraserl@walshjesuit.org


Radio Club

Are you interested in broadcasting? Is your voice the one that should deliver the daily news and announcements to your fellow students? Then try your hand at the Radio Club.

Moderator: Rick Sistek – sistekr@walshjesuit.org


Seasons of Service

Seasons of Service is a service club that works with different groups based upon different times of the year. To better enable active students to become involved in long-term service that builds and maintains relationships with those being served, Seasons of Service targets one marginalized population each season of the year (Fall, Winter, Spring). Tutoring at-risk students, working with the elderly, and volunteering at the Good Samaritan Hunger Center are some of the ways that Seasons of Service makes a difference in the local community.

Moderator: TBD


Show Choir

The harmony Gold Show Choir features the best singers and dancers in the school. This Varsity level, auditioned group performs themed shows at competitions in the Midwest, schools, and takes performance trips to exciting places like Disneyworld, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

Moderator: Dave Banks - banksd@walshjesuit.org


The Sketch

The Sketch is an annual anthology of selected fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, artwork, and photography created by current Walsh Jesuit students. The book, staffed by student editors who meet every other week, is distributed in April to all students, faculty, and staff.

Moderator: Deb Bok – bokd@walshjesuit.org


Ski/Snowboarding Club

Beginning in January this group gathers for ski outings to Boston Mills on Fridays after school. Students ski a minimum of five Fridays from 3:30 to 7pm.

Moderator: Miranda Burley – burleym@walshjesuit.org


Societe Honoraire de Francais (French Honor Society)

French Honor Society Membership is awarded to any French student who has completed at least three semesters of French, has maintained an overall “A-” average in the course, and has earned an “A” in the semester of induction, which occurs each spring.

Moderator: Samantha Spoerndle- spoerndles@walshjesuit.org


Speech & Debate Club

For those interested in engaging in intellectual or oratorical debates, this is the club for you. There are two tracks to this club. One track is involved with interscholastic competition, while the other allows students to hone their craft in dialogue about school issues with their fellow students.

Moderator: Michael Unti – untim@walshjesuit.org


Student Government/Class Officers

Four executive officers, four officers from each class and homeroom representatives lead their peers in various activities and provide a means of communication between the administration and the student body.

Walter Dodds (SG) - doddsw@walshjesuit.org
Rob Eubank (12th) - eubankr@walshjesuit.org
Laura Krueger (11th) - kruegerl@walshjesuit.org
Corinne Morrison (10th) - morrisonc@walshjesuit.org
Lynn Humiston (9th) – humistonl@walshjesuit.org



The Trek is Walsh Jesuit’s yearbook. Students write, lay-out, edit, and photograph this annual record of the school year.

Moderator: Walt Dodds – doddsw@walshjesuit.org

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