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A Literary Arts Magazine published by Walsh Jesuit High School.The Sketch is an annual anthology of selected fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, artwork, and photography created by current students of Walsh Jesuit High School. The Sketch is distributed in late April to all Walsh Jesuit students and faculty/staff. The Sketch welcomes your submissions, membership, and input.

Look for our first 2015-16 edition of the Sketch in April of 2016. 


2015-16 Staff

2015-2016 STAFF


Marisa Jurcayk

Assistant & Literary Editors

Ryan Tatton

Josephine Schuman 

Art Editors

Louis Choi


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Questions? Contact Marisa Jurczyk at 216210@walshjesuit.orgor Mrs. Deb Bok in Room 109 or the English Office


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