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Walsh Jesuit utilizes an automated phone call and text messaging system to alert families of important news such as snow days or a change in the school calendar. In order to receive these alerts, you must register your phone number with our system. Most families have already had a primary phone number automatically registered with the system, however, if you wish to receive messages at an additional number, you may add that phone number to your family's profile.

To register an additional phone number with the Walsh Jesuit automated call system:

1. Follow the link below to the "Family Profile" portal.

2. Login using your last name and the phone number at which you are currently receiving the automated calls

3. Add the additional phone numbers to your family profile

***PLEASE NOTE: To begin receiving text alerts on any device, you must then text the word "ALERT" to 22300.***

CLICK HERE to register a phone

(All phone numbers registered with our system will receive automated phone calls. Those phones which have also texted the opt-in code to 22300 will receive text alerts, as well as phone calls.)

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