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Welcome to Walsh Jesuit High School!  As a parent of one of our students, you are a vital part of our community. You have chosen to entrust your son or daughter to a school that educates its students to become future leaders and strives to create graduates who are truly "men and women for others."  Walsh Jesuit High School caters to the mind, body, and soul, in the tradition of cura personalis β€“ the care of the whole person. 
Your partnership with us in the growth of your son or daughter is a key element in our endeavor to fulfill our mission to form leaders of competence, conscience and compassion who seek to do all things ad majorem Dei gloriam – for the greater glory of God. 

As you peruse our website, please consider carefully how you as parents can join us in our 50-year old tradition of creating β€œmen and women for others.” Welcome to the Walsh Jesuit High School family!

Profile of a Walsh Jesuit Parent

Walsh Jesuit, a Catholic college preparatory high school in the spirit of St. Ignatius of Loyola, reaches beyond academic excellence to develop competence, conscience, and compassion within its graduates. As the school's motto states, Walsh Jesuit strives to educate students to be men and women for and with others. Jesuit education aims to graduate students who possess the desire and the personal resources to incorporate these characteristics.

Jesuit education entails a partnership between the school and the parents. Parental involvement engenders success and reinforces the daily values and morals modelled to students at Walsh Jesuit.

As part of the school's commitment to mission, Walsh Jesuit embraces a set of guidelines for students that is described in a document entitled The Profile of a Walsh Jesuit Graduate at Graduation. Directly inspired by Ignatian spirituality, the "Grad-at-Grad" describes characteristics and traits of the Jesuit-educated young man or woman, providing a framework for their maturation and development through adolescence and beyond.

Walsh Jesuit also provides a "profile" for its faculty and staff, another for its coaches and moderators, and yet another for its directors. This "Profile of the Parent" is added to the group of "profiles" to assure that all constituents in the community have similar guidelines to support and sustain the school's mission and identity.

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Parent Clubs

In an effort to foster cooperation and a genuine concern for our school community, parents of students sponsor many clubs on and off campus.  We invite you to explore these clubs and encourage your active participation in the lives of your student.

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