Men's JV Baseball

2014-2015 Schedule

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2014-2015 Roster

Junior Varsity Baseball


Name                                  Primary Pos.                  Secondary Pos.               B/T

  1. Funtash, Andrew                   RHP                             RF, LF                          RR
  2. Jarvis, Kevin                        1B                                LHP                              LL
  3. Kindall, Easton                     C                                  3B, 1B                          RR
  4. Lobeck, Matt                        2B                                SS, 3B                          RR
  5. Miller, Cole                         RHP                             3B, RF                          LR
  6. Quinn, Nolan                        2B                                SS, 3B                          LR
  7. Wilkinson, Drew                   2B                                SS, 3B                          RR


  1. Backo, Paul                          LF                                RF, 1B                          LR
  2. Bennett, Joshua                     C                                  RF, LF                          RR
  3. Kukla, Kevin                      2B                                RHP, SS                          RR
  4. LaBella, Nick                       LHP                              LF                                LL
  5. Lent, C.J.                            RHP                             1B                                RR
  6. O’Connor, Chad                   SS                                3B                                LR
  7. Rossiter, Logan                     1B                                3B                                RR
  8. Weitman, Alex                     2B                                3B                                RR


  1. Kukla, Andrew                      RHP                                                                 RR
  2. Meyer, Brenden                     RF                                CF                                LR
  3. Mueller, Matthew                  LF                                RHP                             RR


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View 2013 Final Stat Sheet

Walsh Jesuit Baseball's "Showcase for the Cure" is in honor of The Blackwell Family.

A very dear friend and member of the Walsh Jesuit Baseball family, Gene Blackwell continues to represent the true portrait of a loving husband and father, as well as a cancer survivor. Gene and Shirley's son David ('06) is a two-time Walsh Jesuit Baseball state champion, and their entire family, including daughter Cheryl, continues to be such great ambassadors of kinship, kindness and especially resilience and courage as Gene now battles myeloma once again.

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