Walsh Jesuit High School
The primary mission of Walsh Jesuit High School is to educate young men and women of competence, conscience, and compassion. Within that mission, however, the school’s athletic program – which boasts a long and rich tradition of excellence – plays an integral role.
Walsh Jesuit High School recognizes that sports participation provides numerous benefits. Student-athletes gain immeasurable satisfaction from working hard and mastering physical challenges; they strengthen social relationships by bonding with teammates and interacting with coaches; they hone leadership skills and improve their time management; they learn to handle adversity and competition; and they increase their self-esteem.

What’s more, Walsh Jesuit recognizes that a strong athletic program can inspire cohesiveness and enthusiasm among students, generate loyalty and interest among alumni, and build awareness of the school's numerous academic and spiritual accomplishments.

 Players' Code of Ethics/Conduct 

 Parents' Code of Ethics/Conduct 

 Coaches' Code of Ethics/Conduct 
Participation in Walsh Jesuit’s athletic program is a privilege for student-athletes – as well as coaches and parents – and the school is deeply committed to fair, honest, and civil competition and conduct. Student-athletes, coaches, and parents must remember they are ambassadors of Walsh Jesuit High school and must act with honesty, integrity, and character at all times.

Most importantly, the desire to win should never overshadow a commitment to Walsh Jesuit’s mission: being “men and women for others.”

Walsh Jesuit High School
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