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Visual Art Teachers:   Ms. Cheril Walker       Miss Karen Forfia

The Visual Arts department of Walsh Jesuit High School welcomes Cheril Walker and Karen Forfia. Cheril Walker is an artist and educator with a background in textiles, as well as a yoga instructor with 15+ years teaching experience. She received BFA and BS degrees from Kent State University, and recently completed her MA in Art Therapy and Counseling from Ursuline College. Karen Forfia is an alum of Walsh Jesuit and a recent graduate of Kent State University with a BA in Art History. Karen is also a coach for the Walsh Jesuit bowling team.

It is the mission of the Visual Arts department to serve the students of Walsh Jesuit in an environment of creativity and aesthetic growth. Students begin with the Art Foundations class, where they explore a variety of media and techniques. Upon completion of the Foundations class, students have the opportunity to choose courses in Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Honors Art, and Independent Study. Everyone is encouraged to engage in the visual arts courses during their time at Walsh Jesuit, not only to broaden their artistic awareness, but to discover their own unique form of self-expression. In addition to classes, the Walsh Jesuit Art Club meets weekly and is open to all interested students. The purpose of the club is to engage with a group of open-minded, creative individuals to benefit the larger community of Walsh.

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