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The Walsh Jesuit High School Music Department is proud to present this year’s “Harmony Gold” Show Choir. This is the 16th year of its existence. The Harmony Gold consists of 65 singers, dancers, instrumentalists and crew members. They have consistently won top awards in national music festivals throughout the east and last year was the Class C Champion at the Cuyahoga Classic Show Choir Invitational and took First Place at the Big Apple Classic in New York City. This year’s local competition season includes appearances in Cuyahoga Falls, Carroll, Indiana, Grove City, and Medina, Ohio. We also will be competing at Festival Disney at Disneyworld, Florida in April.

Our show theme this year is “The Breakfast Club.”

The Harmony Gold Show Choir was conceived by and is directed by David Banks, now in his sixteenth year at Walsh Jesuit High School.  Our show has been designed and choreographed by Jennifer Oundjian and Erik Hall from Los Angeles, California, the top show design team in the country!

Harmony Gold is a Varsity level competition team and if you are interested in becoming a member, you must audition in May. Being a member of one of the best show choirs around is an excellent way to earn your WJ letter and make lifelong friends in the process.

2015-2016 Audition Results

Soprano One                                                                Soprano Two
Erica Theiss -SL                12                                                          Brooke Vespoli –SL    12
Halle Dray                         10                                                            Isabelle Rizzo          11
Kaitlyn Gabric                   10                                                             Skylier Smith          12
Katrina Jurczyk                   09                                                            Sylvie Staiger        11
Nichole Charnigo               11                                                                Mia Tucker          09
Alyssa Forristell                 12                                                               Lillian Risser         10
Brianna Boyko                  11                                                              Caitlin Drake         10   
Alto One                                                                                     Alto Two
Samantha Toth-SL             12                                                          Emma Sample-SL     12
Anna Kropf                       10                                                         Jaqueline Ward        09
Meghan McDonald              11                                                           Cara Heupler          11
Jessica Siracusa                 09                                                          Cameryn Zupon        12
Paige Walters                     11                                                        Allisa Romanini           11
Lauren Bandwen               09                                                      Kerra Vellequette         12   
Jaime Masetta-Carlton         09                                                        Brynne Colando         11                                                                             
Baritones                                                                    Tenor One
Maksym Mahley-SL            12                                                              John Joyce-SL      12
Colin Gaffney                            10                                                         Nicholas Duber         10   
Marc Giovanetti               09                                                        Christian Sekeres         10
Alex Ross                       11
Basses                                                                       Tenor Two
Robert Trushel-SL              11                                                         Mathew Blasio-SL      11
Brad Rinehart                    12                                                              Joe Knight           10
                                                                                                        Joe Salyers          11  
                                                                                                Stephen Yakopovich   10
Dance Line Captains-
Emma Sample
Asst.Line Captains: Kerra Vellequette, Cara Heupler, Brooke Vespoli

Men’s Line Captain-
Mathew Blasio  

SL=Vocal Section Leader
Seniors-11, Juniors-13, Sophomores-10, Freshman-7

Harmony Gold Band
Keyboard: Marisa Jurczyk
Guitar: David Flessner
Drums:  Paul Bukovac
Trumpet:  Alek Henderson
Trombone: David Ertle
Tenor Sax: John Giovanetti
Violin:  Hannah Ziton    

Stage Crew
Stage Manager: Nicholas Griffiths 
Lighting/FX Director:  Andrew Pla  
Sound Director: Clayton Webb
Grips:  1- Amanda Krochka  2- Kathryn Brahler 3- Brenna Folden  4-Kaleen Miller 5- Joe Yakopovich
6-Mark Fazio 7-Ashley McCartney

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Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

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