Warrior Corps

A year in review...

WC Uniform finalDrum Line changes name to Warrior Corps

The Walsh Jesuit High School Warrior Corps welcomes you to the 2013-14 season! As our drum line has progressed over the past six years, the obvious next step in its journey is to add horns to the sound. This year marks the first year for this addition and we are very excited to begin this next phase. The Warrior Corps will focus on presenting entertaining and precision halftime shows, supporting the Football team and Basketball teams whenever it can, and being one of the many public, representative faces of Walsh Jesuit in Parades, and at other events. Brand new brass instruments, as well new marching uniforms, set to be delivered in December with the newest uniform design anywhere in the country, have been supplied by our supportive administration.


Mr. David Banks has graciously agreed to be the director of the Warrior Corps. While he has been at WJ for 13 years doing Vocal Music and Drama, he also has extensive experience in this field. He was the Assistant Director of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Band program, assisting with its Star of Nevada Marching Band and running its pep band along with being the Instructor of Trumpet. He also was Director of the Gaelic Guard Marching Band at Bishop Gorman High School, where they won many awards, and were known for their entertaining and precision shows.

Assistant Directors/Drum Line Coaches

Mr. George Voros and Mr. Michael Charles are returning to assist with the Corps and continue to run the Drum Line. They are graduates of Walsh Jesuit and have a unique love of this group as they helped start the original Drum Line.


Flag Team Coordinator

Kim Eubank is our new Flag Team Coordinator and will run Flag Team rehearsals and will coordinate their routines into the shows that the Warrior Corps does.

Flag Team

The Flag Team will perform with the Corps for football halftime and pregame shows, parades and other events. When called upon, they will also perform on their own for different events. They will have a unique uniform, which will compliment what the Corps wears, but will stand on its own as performance wear. Entrance is by audition, and being able to coordinate flag twirling while marching is a must. They must also have basic dance skills.


2014-15 Warrior Corps Roster

Warrior Corps 2014-15


Drum Major:               Betsy Anderson

Piccolos:                      Ashley McCartney                  Carolyn Tustin

Trumpets:                    Alex Henderson                      Michael McCannon

Horn:                           Hunter Hickman

Trombone:                   Joe Mannerino

Sousaphone:                David Ertle

Soprano Sax:               Elise Ketz

Alto Sax:                     Alex Zinkan                            Zachary Koston

Tenor Sax:                   John Giovanetti

Baritone Sax:              Michael Morgan

Snares:                         Chris Lawhorn                        Charley Anton

                                    Nate Stocker

Quads:                         Nick Silvidi                 (Field Commander)

Bass 1:                         Marina Ward

Bass 2:                         Michael Eckman

Cymbals:                     Donald Wedding


Bells 1:                        Marisa Jurczyk

Bells 2:                        Clayton Webb             (Assistant Drum Major)


Colorguard:                 Marina Fazio                           Dawn Rice

                                    Sarah Scott                              Natalie Bauman

                                    Amanda Krochka                    Alexa Odom

                                    Alyssa Piazza

**It’s still not too late to join! See Mr. Banks in room 125 or email: banksd@walshjesuit.org

History of Warrior Corps- WJ Drum Line

History of the Walsh Jesuit Drum Line

drumlineThe Walsh Jesuit drum line was formed in 2007 at the request of the Athletic Booster Club, which was hoping to create some "Warrior spirit" in the stands. Under the direction of Andy Truax, the group began practicing in the biology lab. Without instruments, they improvised on various objects to create their own cadences so they would be ready to perform once the instruments arrived. It wasn't until the end of the 2007 football season when the instruments finally arrived, and the Warrior beat could be heard.

CLICK HERE to read "A Drum Line Is Born" abut the start of the Walsh Jesuit Drum Line, as told by instructor Bonnie Rosati.