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Upcoming Events/Cast

The CenterStage Theater Department at Walsh Jesuit High School presents its Spring musical production of “Anything Goes,” March 13,19 and 20 at 7:00PM, March 14,15, 21 and 22 at 7:30PM, March 15, 16, 22 and 23 at 2:00PM, in the Walsh Jesuit High School Theater, 4550 Wyoga Lake Road, in Cuyahoga Falls. There will be two preview shows on March 11 and 12 at 7:00pm. This Cole Porter musical has been a favorite Broadway classic, and has been revived several times. The score is filled with unforgettable songs like “Friendship,” You’re The Top,” and “I Get A Kick Out of You.” “Anything Goes” recently was on a national revival tour starring Sutton Foster and Joel Grey. Director David Banks says, “This features some of the greatest show tunes, and a very comical book! We have custom made costumes, sets and special effects, a 20-piece, live orchestra, 25-member crew, and a 45-member cast coming together to make an unforgettable theatrical experience.” The show is put on through the cooperation of the Tams-Whitmark Library.

Group discounts for schools can be arranged for any night by calling 330-929-4205 ext. 167. Ticket prices for “Anything Goes” are $12.00 for adults and $8.00 for students and Senior citizens. Preview shows are $5.00. For more information on the upcoming production, or to reserve seats and buy tickets, go to , call 330-929-4205 or email



Reno Sweeney                                                Maggie Bolas

Billy Crocker                                                   Michael Barr

Evelyn Oakely                                                Cameron Cabot

Hope Harcourt (Sailorette b)                           Savahannah Byczek

                                                                    Julia Figler                                               

Moonface Martin (Evelyn US)                          Mike Saridakis

Erma(Sailorette c)                                         Katerina Griffiths

                                                                    Samantha Toth

Elisha Whitney                                                Owen Salyers

Evangeline Harcourt                                         Emily Payne

                                                                      Kenzie Tartaglione

Captain (Moonface US)                                     John Bukovac

Purser(Sailorette d)                                         Angel Mansinghani

                                                                   Maggie Moneypenny

Angels: (6) Purity (Reno US)                         Megan Risser

Chastity, Girl at Bar                                      Madison Gordon

Charity (Sandy US)(Sailorette a)                   Emma Sample

Virtue                                                            Jessica Simon

Faith                                                             Leanne Casserlie

Patience                                                            Katie Valenziano

Ethel                                                                        Gretchen Wellemeyer

Beatrice                                                            Caitlin Krause

Henry Dobson (Oscar) (Captn US)            Brad Reinhart

Deborah                                                            Nina Carrino

Sailors: 1 Jimmy (Billy US)                        Jacob Morris                                   

3            Bob            (Luke)                                    Mathew Blasio

4            Mark            (John)                                    Joe Salyers

Rina            (Female Sailor)                                    Cameron Zupon

Fred (Charlie)                                                Clayton Webb

Reporter 1            (Angel US)                                    Nichole Charnigo

Reporter 2            (Sailor US)                                    Isabelle Rizzo

Photographer                                                Leann Tulisiak

Passenger 1                                                Nicole Davessar

Passenger 2                                                 Catherine Ward

Passenger 3                                                Skylier Smith

Passenger 4                                                Erika Theiss

Passenger 5                                                Libby Bauman

Passenger 6(Sandy)                                    Alex Tannert

Passenger 7                                                Kerra Vellequette

FBI 1                                                          Julia Barr

FBI 2                                                          Kalene Miller

CenterStage Production Schedule

Date Event Time Place Notes  
6-Jan Script Reading Character Definitions 5-6:30pm 125    
8-Jan Choreography 4:00-6:00pm 125 Cast  
9-Jan Music Rehearsal 3:00-5pm 125 Cast  
10-Jan Choreography 3:00-5:30pm 125 Cast  
14-Jan Tech Crew  2:45-4:30 Theatre CREW  
14-Jan Music Rehearsal 1:00-2PM 125 Cast  
15-Jan Choreography (Leads) 4:00-6:00pm 125 Cast  
16-Jan Final Reading 5:00-6:30pm 125 Cast  
17-Jan Choreography 3:00-6:00pm Theatre Cast  
20-Jan Block Act One 10:00-1PM Theatre Cast  
21-Jan Tech Crew  2:45-4:30 Theatre Crew  
21-Jan Music Rehearsal 4:30-6pm Theatre Cast  
22-Jan Choreography 4:00-6pm 125 Cast  
27-Jan Block Act Two 5:00-6:30pm 125 Cast  
28-Jan Tech Crew  2:45-4:30pm Theatre CREW  
28-Jan Block Act Two 4:30-6+pm Theatre    
29-Jan Choreography 4:00-6pm Theatre Cast  
30-Jan Music Rehearsal 3:00-4:30 125 Cast *********
31-Jan Choreography 3:00-6:30pm Theatre Cast  
3-Feb Development Reh Act One 5:00-6:30pm Theatre cast  
4-Feb Tech Crew  2:45-4:30pm Theatre  CREW  
4-Feb Music Rehearsal 4:30-6pm 125 Cast  
5-Feb Choreography 4:00-6:00pm Theatre cast  
6-Feb Deveolopment Reh Act Two 3:00-5pm Theatre cast  
7-Feb Choreography 3:00-6pm Theatre cast  
10-Feb Development Reh Act One 5:00-6:30pm Theatre cast  
11-Feb Tech Crew  3:00-4:30pm Theatre CREW  
11-Feb Music Rehearsal 4:30-6pm 125 Cast  
11-Feb PARENT BUILD 6pm Theatre PARENTS  
12-Feb Choreography 4-6:00pm Theatre cast  
13-Feb Development Reh Act Two 3:00-5:00 Theatre cast Work Blow Gabriel with tables, chairs
14-Feb Choreography 3:00-6pm Theatre cast  
16-Feb Choreography 2:00-5pm Theatre Cast and crew  
17-Feb Development Rehearsal 9am-12noon theatre Cast  
18-Feb Tech Crew  2:45-4:30pm Theatre CREW  
19-Feb Choreography 4:00-6pm Theatre cast  
21-Feb Choreography 3:00-6:00pm Theatre cast  
23-Feb Choregraphy 2-6pm theatre cast  
24-Feb FULL SHOW RUN THROUGH 3:00-8pm Theatre Everybody and Everything OFF BOOK
25-Feb Tech Crew  2:45-4:30pm Theatre CREW  
25-Feb Music Rehearsal 4:30-6:00pm Theatre Cast  
26-Feb Polish Rehearsal I/Choreography 3:00-6pm Theatre cast and crew  
27-Feb Polish Rehearsal II 4:00-6pm Theatre cast and crew  
28-Feb Choreography 3:00-6:30pm Theatre cast  
1-Mar For The Love Of The Arts 6pm Theatre SELECTED cast and crew  
2-Mar Choreography 12-3PM Theatre Cast  
3-Mar Tech Rehearsal 3:00-6pm Theatre Crew  
4-Mar FULL SHOW RUN THROUGH 4:00-8:00pm Theatre All Cast and Crew  
5-Mar Choreography 3:00-6:00pm Theatre cast and crew  
6-Mar Polish Rehearsal III 4:30-6:30 Theatre Cast  
7-Mar Dress Rehearsal I 3:00-8PM Theatre Everybody and Everything  
8-Mar Dress Rehearsal II 10:am-3pm Theatre Everybody and Everything  
9-Mar Orchestra Rehearsal 2:00-6PM Theater Orchestra and Leads  
10-Mar Dress Rehearsal III 4:00-10pm Theater Atlantic Cast and Crew Pacific Songs
11-Mar Preview Show 4-9PM Theater Pacific Cast and Crew  
12-Mar Preview Show 4:00-10pm Theater Atlantic Cast and crew
13-Mar Opening Night Show 4:00-10pm Theater Atlantic Cast and crew
14-Mar Friday Night Show 4:30-10:30pm Theater Pacific Cast and crew
15-Mar Matinee Performance  12:00-5pm Theatre Atlantic Cast and crew
15-Mar Evening Performance 6:00-10:30pm Theatre Pacific Cast and crew
16-Mar Matinee Performance 12:00-5pm Theater Atlantic Cast and crew
19-Mar Student Price Performance  4:30-10pm Theatre Atlantic Cast and crew
20-Mar Evening Performance 4:30-10pm Theatre Pacific Cast and crew
21-Mar Possible Morning Performance 8am-1pm Theatre Atlantic Cast and crew
21-Mar Evening Performance 4:30-10pm Theatre Atlantic Cast and crew
22-Mar Matinee Performance 12-5pm Theatre Pacific Cast and crew
22-Mar Evening Performance 5-10pm Theatre Atlantic Cast and crew
23-Mar Matinee Performance 12:00-5pm Theatre Pacific Cast and crew
24-Mar Strike and Load Out 10:am-9pm Theatre Crew/Parent Help Crew  
  Vocal Rehearsals 8      
  Choreography Rehearsals 17      
  Book/Blocking Rehearsals 11      
  Run Throughs 2      
  Dress Rehearsals 3      
  Preview Shows  2      
  Performances 12