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Jesuit education emphasizes cura personalis, or care for the whole person. Our students are not faceless; they are not numbers. Cura personalis means that we get to know each one of our students, learn what they are about, and learn how we can work together for the betterment of each student and the school. Cura personalis means that when your children start at Walsh Jesuit, they are assigned a guidance counselor who gets to know them by staying with them and working with them for four years. It means teachers who know their students' skills - and their weaknesses. It means administrators who help students schedule classes and who work with them to find the right outlets for their creativity. For your children it means having classmates who know their names and who experience their successes and failures with them. It means getting involved - and having that involvement change them. It means going on retreats and getting to know their classmates and teachers on a deeper level. Cura personalis means our students are always recognized.

Cura personalis also finds outlets in academics. Education in the Jesuit tradition historically means students receive a firm academic foundation, begin to express their leadership potential, and embark upon the quest of intellectual curiosity. Graduates of Jesuit schools join a world-wide community that shares much of the same vocabulary. Jesuit school graduates know cura personalis, they know the idea of magis ("the more"). They recognize the Kairos cross and can speak to the ideals and values that formed them. Jesuit education emphasizes service and leadership. We are called to serve as leaders for the world and to work for the betterment not of ourselves, but of all.

Practically speaking, Walsh Jesuit graduates succeed. They go to college at the incredible rate of one hundred percent. Colleges are telling us they want our students. They are showing our students significant scholarship money - over $85 million in scholarships alone over the past four years. More so than that, however, after college Walsh Jesuit students go out into their communities and become moral, successful leaders. But truly, as Father Greg Boyle recently remarked to our students, "[your] Walsh Jesuit education does not prepare you for the real world. It prepares you to challenge it."

The world needs Walsh Jesuit High School—and the reasons may surprise you. While the world may benefit from students who are intelligent, artistic, and athletic, the world truly benefits from students who have found in their hearts a fundamental desire to find God in the world. Though often maligned by sin, our world is also filled with grace and beauty. It is a world that hungers for God, and Walsh Jesuit's mission of educating "men and women for others" is a direct response to that human need.

Marquette University, one of the 26 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States, prepared the video below to help introduce the idea of what a Jesuit education means. We hope you will enjoy it!

Walsh Jesuit High School educates "men and women for others." To all who are considering Walsh Jesuit: We prepare you for the challenges of life. We don't just want to educate or teach you; we want to help you to achieve metanoia— the conversion of your entire self - heart, mind, and spirit. We strive to inspire you to live your lives for the greater glory of God. We aim to instill passion in you. We want you to know and reach beyond what you see in yourselves now. We open our hearts and ask you to open yours.

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