How to Apply

The school's motto, Men and Women for Others, reflects Walsh Jesuit's determination to change the world — through the lives of students and alumni - into one more closely modeled after Jesus.
Walsh Jesuit dedicates itself to developing students' academic, artistic, and athletic capabilities in a spiritually enlightening and invigorating environment. Our Jesuit, Catholic tradition is essential to our success in cultivating graduates who are religious, loving, intellectually competent, open to growth, and committed to doing justice. 

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Walsh Jesuit Application Process for the Class of 2019

1. Everyone MUST sit for a Walsh Jesuit High School Entrance Exam. 

2. Eighth grade students in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Cleveland will apply for admission to Walsh Jesuit through their Catholic elementary schools by completing the Diocesan admissions application. This application is distributed during High School Selection Week, January 12-15, 2015. The grade schools will then forward these applications and student transcripts to Walsh Jesuit. 

3. If you are an eighth grade student in a public or private school (outside of the Cleveland Diocese) please CLICK HERE to download the Walsh Jesuit 8th Grade Admissions Application. The deadline for first round application is Thursday, January 15, 2015.

4. The Admissions Committee at Walsh Jesuit, chaired by the Admissions Director, is composed of faculty, staff, and administrators. This committee will convene the first week in February to review all applications. 

5. Notification letters will be mailed on February 12, 2015