Senior Experience 2014

The Senior Experience Program for the Class of 2014

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All forms located on the side link must be completed and submitted to Mr. Richard Sistek by Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

At Walsh Jesuit we value the personal development of the individual. One way to accomplish this is to broaden the horizons of seniors as they come to the end of their high school years. Walsh Jesuit provides seniors the opportunity to experience a more active and reflective understanding of their role in society.

The Senior Experience Program is a means of helping a senior exercise greater freedom and learn responsibility. Critical to this stage of growth and development is reflection on a self-designed experience within the adult world. This will include exploring a potential future occupation, career, or social service project; developing personal goals to frame their experience; and evaluating the fulfillment of their stated goals. In summary, The Senior Experience Program is an important educational undertaking that is designed to help Walsh Jesuit seniors continue with their adult development.

Beginning with the program’s explanation, each senior student designs a three-week experience in a potential career or vocational area (professional, artistic, educational, or service). The actual execution of the senior’s experience project will take place from Monday, May 12 through Friday, May 30, 2014. A faculty evaluation of each senior’s experience will take place at Walsh Jesuit from Tuesday, June 3 to Thursday, June 5, 2014. The successful completion of The Senior Experience Program (on a pass/fail basis) is a graduation requirement.

Commencement Exercises for the Class of 2014 are scheduled for Sunday, June 8, 2014.

Senior Experience Director: Mr. Richard M. Sistek.               Phone: 1.330.929.4205, ext. 217      
Fax: 1.330.929.9749      Email:          Office: Room 216 (new wing)