Fr. Thomas J. Bain, S.J., Library

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The Bain Library was opened with Walsh Jesuit High School in 1965. It is named after Father Bain, S.J. who was the first principal and second president of the school. After 30 years of use and with an increasing enrollment, the library was expanded and remodeled in 1991.

The library belongs to everyone: alumni; current and future students; parents; and staff. For this reason, patrons are asked to treat the books, computers, copiers, scanner, periodicals, furniture, and other materials, with great care and respect.

Library Hours

The library opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 4:00 p.m., unless otherwise posted. Students are required to submit their ID cards upon entering. A library pass is required during the school day for admittance. Passes are not required before or after school or for students who enter during their lunch periods.

Online Databases

Walsh Jesuit students have access to various online resources. Some sites require passwords, user IDs, and instructions, all of which can be obtained from the school's library or technology center. Click here for the list of sites available.

General Policies

To view rules and regulations regarding the use of the library, click here

Library Staff

Ms. Nancy Heil, Librarian
Began at Walsh Jesuit: 1995
B.A. 1974 History, John Carroll University
M.A. 1983 History, John Carroll University
M.L.S. 1995 Library Science, Kent State University
Phone: 330.929.4205, ext. 197