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2 students in chem lab 14 15The Science Department of Walsh Jesuit offers a rigorous course of study for all students. The curriculum is designed to engage students in scientific inquiry, exploration of concepts, use of appropriate technologies, and applications of science today and in the future. The Science Department challenges students to identify and understand scientific concepts, principles, theories and processes while building a firm foundation in the knowledge base of science. With two double class periods for laboratory work twice per week, the core curricula in biology, chemistry, and physics provides students with opportunities to do science, learn laboratory techniques and experimental design, and investigate the natural world. Instructional strategies also provide students with many opportunities to develop their verbal and written communication skills, presentation skills, and their ability to lead and follow in lab teams. The science program is designed such that students will be prepared to be life-long learners with strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills ready for college level work and the responsibilities of adult life. With a focus on our Jesuit mission to develop men and women for others and issues of social justice, our graduates who chose science-related careers will be prepared to impact people’s lives for the better.

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