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The English Department believes that each student has the capability of becoming a strong writer. To this end, much effort is given to helping the student develop a thorough approach to composition, from the initial selection of a topic and supporting ideas to the writing of a draft and revisions to the preparation of a final copy that reflects sound proofreading and presentation. Further study is given to grammar, mechanics, and vocabulary to help the student produce the best composition of which he or she is capable. This takes much effort and time in order to succeed. Emphasis is placed on expository, argumentative, and narrative writing plus opportunities for research. A Writing Lab has been established for individual conferences available several times during the day.

The development of study skills is fostered, not only for doing effective work in high school and college but also for succeeding in life-long learning.

The Department also affords numerous opportunities for the study and enjoyment of literature. A thorough knowledge of literary terms and an approach to reading the different genres (story, poem, play, novel, and nonfiction) is a unique aspect of the early years. Survey courses in American and British literature provide a literary and historical basis for further study in several elective courses in the later years. Advanced Placement courses are also available in junior and senior years.

Always in evidence is the mission of the school, to reach beyond academic excellence to develop competence, conscience, and compassion in each student.

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