Communications/Business Department


The focus of the Walsh Jesuit High School Communications/Business program is to:

  1. Provide students with skills in the application of computer software to enable them to organize and present data or information in their college courses and work environment,
  2. provide training and practice to develop verbal communications skills and confidence in speaking in front of groups, and
  3. prepare students for their first college accounting course.

Computer Applications

Students are taught to use Microsoft Office applications Excel, PowerPoint, and Word to develop the skill and knowledge of the capabilities of these packages in preparing reports, and charts, analyzing data and giving effective presentations. In additions, units on cyber bullying, identity theft and cyber security are included in the course. Additional current software applications such as Glogster, Animodo, and Google Docs are also covered.   This course will be hands on and project oriented.

Principles of Accounting – Junior/Senior
This class is designed to prepare students for their first college accounting course. Basic accounting principles of the accounting cycle for a service business are taught using workbook problems. This work is integrated with Excel. In addition, units of personal finance using the Dave Ramsey method are taught. Speakers are invited to discuss various topics such as investments, savings and money management.

Speech – Junior/Senior
More details coming soon.